Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2051

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Time: 2 pm

Location: Mainang, take mc arthur over the coat hanger bridge about 1 1/2 kms. Turn left on mainang road and continue past the road going to dap dap and before the village of mainang turn right onto a dirt road. It will be marked.

Remarks: On home is premiere Trail is not hard but 9k long. Slow walkers can come early. Hare will be at start at 2pm. Hare will try to make a short cut. Update later.

Hare: Bush Diver

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

GM says there will be San Miguel Zero on his truck this Sunday for the little girls and limp-wristed wimpy men.

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2051 11/26/2017 Mainang, take mc arthur over the coat hanger bridge about 1 1/2 kms. Turn left on mainang road and continue past the road going to dap dap and before the village of mainang turn right onto a dirt road. It will be marked. On home is premiere Trail is not hard but 9k long. Slow walkers can come early. Hare will be at start at 2pm. Hare will try to make a short cut. Update later. Bush Diver

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2050. 11/19/2017 Mainang. MacArthur to Bamban, about 1.3km past the bridge turn left up the hill, continue on the Mainang road to the end, (past the end of the concrete). Two trails, approx. 7 and 6Km. Will be a lovely day for the Angeles Hash, come along and enjoy.. On-Home is Premiere. Sirena & Raging Cow $ Stolen Property.
2049 11/12/2017 Across the bridge to no where. Turn right at the tee intersection and drive 1.3 km. Park on the main road. Long trail about 7.5 kms. Short 4-5 kms with wet feet. poo bear
2048 11/5/2017 Near Deca homes, From friendship take the road going to Sapang Bato, after you go under the Sctex, take the next Concrete road to your left, continue on , and just before the Security gate go left on a dirt road, the start is down there. Short trail 5Km, Long 8Km. No dramas, all good. On-Home Premiere. Click on run No. for map of start. Soggy D/head.
2047. 10/29/2017 Arayat. Start is at traffic circle in front of Pampanga agricultural college, past Magalang. Park at back near college. One trail, 7.5Km gentle up and down. On-Home Moons bar. Diamond. Click on run No. for map. Induces & Helpers.
2046. Subic Outstation Run. 10/22/2017 El' Kabayo Water falls..SBMA. Take Sctex, then Tipo, at the end of Tipo keep left, then the third major road turn left.El Kabayo Rd. UPDATE!!The run parking location has changed, Don't turn into the stables but keep on El Kabayo rd for another 2Km, the parking is on the right. Click on run No, for Maps, I have added a New map showing the New parking location You will be transported from the parking area by Bus to the start of the Run. The Run will be between 6-7Km. Sirena and a Cast of Thousands..
2045. 10/15/2017 Sapang Bato. Not the cemetery, go past the jeepney terminal, continue straight, go over the low bridge, then first right. Not a lot of room for parking, so make the best use of the space 5.5Km trail with a short loop, if you do the loop you will be truly blessed..The split for the loop is less than 1Km from the start. Damp feet, click on run No. for map of start location.. On-Home Premiere. GOLDEN SHOWER & morf.
2044 10/8/2017 DETAILS CHANGED! At San Martin. Along the upper road 100M past the turning to Propo's Pad. Short trail 4km with dry feet. Long trail 7km with wet feet. No BBQ at Propo's Pad this week (villa renovations not yet completed). On-home at Premiere Hotel. Proposition and Never Enough
2043 10/1/2017 Gate 14 on Base (The big flattened area before the hanging bridge) Short: about 5-6k Medium: about 7-8k On on: Premiere Inn Nancy Boy
2042 9/24/2017 Mainang area. Bgry San Nicholas. Go over BamBam Bridge. Drive 1.5k, turn left on Mainang Rd. Drive 3.5km to start. .6km before start there is a military outpost. Start is at what locals call the "Falls." Wide open green area with carefully mortared rock walls. Hash has permission to park there. An old style AC Hash trail. Only 5km but multiple steep inclines and declines. Real beautiful countryside. Please bring small food and candy items for two subsistence farm families in steep hills. They were very helpful in finding trail. Short trail available for cripples. Ask Hare if interested. Click on run No. for start location map. Guardian Angel and her trusty bolo.
2041 9/17/2017 Go over Sacobia bridge (bridge to nowhere). Start is left at first street. Onhome premiere. Run approx. 7 km Bush Diver
2040. 9/10/2017 Starting plc is Bamban when you go over the coat hanger bridge at Bamban on Macarthur hwy turn LEFT at the second street drive about 2-3 klm towards the Goshen Resort on your right is a field which we have started from before when parking pls do not block the driveways No checks and not sure how long about 6 klm no gps to check it no rice fields some mud as it rained there sat night On home is at mini,s bar wild Boozers in santa maria one mini the muncher Lost in subic
2039 9/3/2017 Anunas. Go south on Friendship hwy over abacan river bridge and after 100m take first right. Follow through Anunas town proper. Turn left going toward cauayan and right at the church. Will be marked. Better, if you know the new bridge downhill from the cement batching plant, come in from that way and turn right. Click run number for map 5.5 Km. Flat, a little bush bashing. Maybe will add longer trail if weather holds.On On Premiere. cujo, Kaput
2038 8/27/2017 Over the bridge to nowhere .Take first left and then left again same place as Induces .Park under the bridge. Under 5k for walkers and no checks. Over 7k for runners. No wet feet if its a dry day. NO river beds Mr Per !! Guaranteed dry circle no umbrellas . Raging Cow,Samba and Bum steer
2037. 39th Anniversary Run 8/20/2017 Start is Gate 14.Not the usual car parking area,but large plateau before. have to sign forms to enter, get these at Premiere. Runs fees are 500 men, 300 women, kids 200, includes T shirt and Burger or Hotdog. Walkers trail will take about 1hr 10 minutes,wet feet depends on weather, one short hill climb, loop for runners. Wait at start for instructions.. start early at your peril!. On-Home is Premiere. Click on Run No. for map. Saput & Dances with Dogs.
2036 8/13/2017 Go over the Bridge to Nowhere. Turn right at the t-junction. Turn left at the t-juncton leading past the crushing plant. Take first right before the village and follow the dirt road approximately 3.5km until just past the Negrito village. Park in large lot on the right, Marked with powder all the way. Three trails. Cripples. 4km,Medium 6.2km Long. 9km plus. Wet feet on medium and long runs. Flat trails suitable for all weather. 600meters from finish a farm will provide free produce for all girls courtesy of hares. Hint: No need to forage, girls. Click on Run No. for Map. On Home is at Moon's Bar in Diamond Subdivision. Boom Boom Moses and helpersThree
2035. 8/6/2017 Under bridge to Nowhere. Take 1st turning on left after bridge, keep going left to under bridge, past the squatter area and down to riverside. Short 5Km. long 7Km. On-Home Premiere. Induces and Helpers.
2034. 7/30/2017 Sapang Bato. Not the usual place, but on the road in front of the cemetery, So go past where we always park, and left by the grave headstones. Short run 5Km. medium one longer... On-Home Niagara. Click on run No. for map. 2Bottles & Sirena.
2033 7/23/2017 Starts from Haystacks new factory in Pulung Cacutud (near Marquee Mall 2 km).Take Magalang Road over NLEX, past Caltex on left, then on right Punta Verde Subd., and Nouveau Subd. After Garden centre take first turning on left, small dirt road after ‘Smile Reborn’ sign and before Church of God Click on run number for map Definitely not the best hash ever but sensible for rainy season. New area? No hills, no wet feet..unless prior heavy rain, (we even built a new bridge over river to keep your feet dry), Safe and flat walk. Halo halo with country lanes, mango farm, rice fields, caribou, and urban area. Cripples 4 km (flat & dry) , Short trail 5.5 km, Long trail 10km. Young hashers & family definitely welcome (under supervision). Circle inside factory if heavy rain Factory bargains on sale(giftware) Bring candy for local kids. On Home Something different new venue, Delish-Yoso on Richthofen St ... ..Hensonville area round corner from Barbarinos (Zeppelin St). Great food at good prices. Try the chicken wings and Bicol Express! Local Jeepneys (white) to checkpoint. HAYSTACK, FLOPPY DICK, TIGGER
2032 7/16/2017 San Vincente, Helipad. Over Sacobia bridge, at T-junction turn right. After 1k turn left in the village up the hill. Helipad is on the right on top of the hill Medium trail 6.5k flat + runners loop 3.5k not so flat. When runners start to come down their loop there is a 4m deep hole on the right side. Be careful. On-home is Premiere Hotel Scrotum
2031 7/9/2017 On the road to Sapang Bato turn left into Deca Homes, go over bridge and turn left before the security gates, start is approx 300 mtr down rd. Two trails short approx 4.5kms .... medium approx 6.5kms. Easy soft run for everyone ... if it not rain dry feet. On Home is Premier Hotel Finger in the Dyke & Dickhead