Angeles Bushranger

Angeles City Sunday runs, ACH3

2146 9/22/2019 Margot, close to Deca Homes. Pass Friendship gate (don't go through gate), continue under SCTEX, turn left towards Deca Homes, just before gate - turn left on to small dirt road. Last time we started there was on Suso's & Vendor Bender's excellent hash September 18th. Click run # for map. After weeks of ridiculously long and dishonest hash trails, Scatman is bringing back some sanity to the rainy season hash. All flat (no hills-and I do mean NO hills), no wet feet unless it pisses down rain and makes puddles, and an honest one length somewhere between 5-6km (no short/medium/long). If that’s not enough for u tough guys, then you can run it twice. Proposition can run it 3 times; the rest of us will have a nice hike. On Home is Barbarinos on Zeppelin Str. Scatman & Suso

Beach run, BEACH

398 9/28/2019 Start at Jolliebee at Friendship. 3PM Hare knows start and finish but not what to do in between. Update later. Honey Dew

Full Moon run, FM

96 10/1/2019 Brass Knob , sign in starts at 6pm and we leave at 630pm Will be a Local Town Walk of 4k or less. Due to the Rainy Season bring an Umbrella!!!!!! Info !!!! There will be a Special Full Moon On OCT 17 to go along with the Patayya Jungle Off Station !!!!!!! Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke