Angeles Bushranger

Angeles City Sunday runs, ACH3

2295 1/29/2023 Birthing center near Deca, head towards Deca Homes then turn left just before the Deca entry arches Aussie Day VB run, medium run about 5k, short run about 2.5 k, On-Home Premiere Wrong way, Smack my arse, Wingnut

Beach run, BEACH

431 2/4/2023 Registration at formerly "Old Flaming bar" across wild orchid resort in A Santos street. Bring 300p for 2 beers at beerstop and 2 beers at the on home. 5-7km is planned. F..cking lazy bastards will be informed at the beer stop about the on home so they can short cut. On home is not far away from Santos street. The FFB at the beer stop will win a bottle of wine sponsored by the hare. See you all there, Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut

Full Moon run, FM