Angeles Bushranger

84 4/7/2018 Them wot noes this grate trales start - just The Licker and his tart! Flat as a pancake, dry feet, quite short rea─║ly, good weather expected, etc, etc PUSSY LICKER

Angeles City Sunday runs, ACH3

268 3/25/2018 Sapang Bato. Just past our old parking site on left before cemetary... continue another 100 meters, parking on the RIGHT SIDE in the open area of old crypts across the main road from the cemetery. Look for my orange Ranger truck. Long and Short trails. 8 and 5 km. Some new ground on the long. On Home Premier. soggy butt & Self Satisfaction

Beach run, BEACH

Full Moon run, FM

# 78 4/3/2018 Sign up at the Brass Knob !!!!!!!!! Will Dept at 630 for the Full Moon Walk !!!!! This months Full Moon will be an Local Walk !!!!!!! So come & enjoy an evening & look at the Moon , if it's out early !!!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke