Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2051

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Time: 2 pm

Location: Mainang, take mc arthur over the coat hanger bridge about 1 1/2 kms. Turn left on mainang road and continue past the road going to dap dap and before the village of mainang turn right onto a dirt road. It will be marked.

Remarks: On home is premiere Trail is not hard but 9k long. Slow walkers can come early. Hare will be at start at 2pm. Hare will try to make a short cut. Update later.

Hare: Bush Diver

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

GM says there will be San Miguel Zero on his truck this Sunday for the little girls and limp-wristed wimpy men.

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2051 11/26/2017 Mainang, take mc arthur over the coat hanger bridge about 1 1/2 kms. Turn left on mainang road and continue past the road going to dap dap and before the village of mainang turn right onto a dirt road. It will be marked. On home is premiere Trail is not hard but 9k long. Slow walkers can come early. Hare will be at start at 2pm. Hare will try to make a short cut. Update later. Bush Diver

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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12 10/12/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
2000a 10/12/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
2000Haggis 10/12/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
1992 10/9/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere at the Helo pad. Across the bridge, turn right at the 1st tee, 1st left going up the hill on concrete, bear right at the top. On the right. Due to rain will be a short and rain appropriate trail. 4 or 5 k. soggy butt
1991 10/2/2016 Xevera Mabalacat Drive on Macarthur hwy towards Bamban when you pass under Subic-clk-Tarlac express way about 1 klm turn left into Xevera Housing complex take the first turn on your left Kabayan dr follow to the end then turn right for about 400 meters then left look for rex,s white car will mark chalk on crns click on run number for map lost in subic and Runisorass
1990 9/25/2016 Over the "Bridge to Nowhere", right at T-junction. Stop at bottom of hill where the road goes up to the left. About 6km. On home: Barbarinos, Zeppelin Street. BumSteer & Bloody Fairy
1989 9/18/2016 Porac. Go right across bridge keep straight until see start marked and my Nissan truck On Home Premier dances with dogs, kfc, mouse
1988 9/11/2016 San Martin Start where the road widens a little past the Korean church halfway down the hill. The 9/11 date has no relevance whatsoever apart from being Ferdinand Marcos' birthday... Nancy Boy
1987. 9/4/2016 Panaisan. Take MacArthur hiway to Bamban, continue on, Left turn up the Mianang Rd, continue for 1.4Km, then it's a right turn and follow calsamite to the back of the Germans white house. A run for all seasons, by Mr.& Mrs.. Click on Run No. for map. On-Home Niagara. Single Malt. & Sip Sip in.
1986 8/28/2016 Same run site as Soggy 3 weeks ago, just past Friendship Gate right turn that goes under the viaduct. It will be a different trail than last time. On On will be at Muncher's watering hole opposite La Teresita hotel in Elisa St. Note: make your own way to run site- P7 jeepney. Also, food available at on on. Piss Stop and Minnie d'Muncher
1985. 38th Anniversary Run. 8/21/2016 San Martin.leaves from Premiere Hotel,Across bridge to nowhere, drive to T junction, turn left up to village,start is past village overlooking Randy's farm. Park at top of hill overlooking Randy's farm, the end of the run is at the farm. No river crossings, about 6Km, one trail,no T shirts, so regular price. On-Home Premiere. Aug. 21. Ninoy Aquino day. Saput & Susu.
1984 8/14/2016 Take the road to Magalang continue to Pampanga State Agricultural College. Then left and continue 500 meters. Turn right following the signs to Orissa Wellness Center. Park along side that road. Trail starts at Stations of the Cross and ends at the top of Mt Arayat. Trail is permanently marked with yellow paint. It takes 4-5 hours to go to the summit and return. Therefore if you want to hike to the top you must start early and provide your own transportation. If you take the jeep at 3:00 you can hike 3/4 to 1 hour and then turn around and return to the start. If you arrive at the normal time do not try to go all the way to the top because you will be coming back in the dark. On home Barbarinos Bush Diver
1983. 8/7/2016 Friendship. Go up perimeter road, continue on straight at Friendship going towards the Base gate,as you make the left hand turn you will see a Korean Resto on your left, just past there is a vacant block, if there isn't enough room, park on one side of road. About 7Km, nothing difficult. On-Home Premiere. Click on Run No. for map. Soggy D/H.
1982 7/31/2016 Coming from SCTEX expressway, take Porac exit. At junction with Angeles-Porac Road go across on to dirt road and start is about 200m ahead. Coming from Angeles turn left at the same point onto the dirt road. Almost flat, about 7K. Completely new virgin trail. On home Premier hotel. dances with dogs and Cujo
1981 7/24/2016 Trail starts at the Agricultural College Helipad on the top of the hill in SanVicente drive trough the base over the bridge to nowhere follow the main rd until you get to T junction turn right follow the road till first road on the left side then up to the top of the hill at the T junction turn right about one hundred meters on the right is the start not sure how long yet /// ON home is at Niagara lost in subic + Marbles
1980. 7/17/2016 Clark Adventure Park. Over the bridge to nowhere, first left, second right, and up the hill to the top, park before you get to where all the activities are. Two trails, 4.7 and 7Km. On-Home Premiere. Click on run No. for map. Induces & Helpers.
1979 7/10/2016 Mainang: Going north on McArthur highway pass over Bamban (coat-hanger) bridge. 1.1 km after the bridge turn left onto the Mainang road. Follow the road for about 7 km to its end. The last few hundred metres is dirt/stone road after the concrete road finishes. Click on run number for picture of route. A to A trails through very scenic countryside. Long trail is about 8.6 km and short is about 4 or 5 km. Be sure to take water if you're doing the long trail. On Home is Niagara. Sirena & Patch Snatch
1978. 7/3/2016 Sapang Bato. Vacant block on left, just before the cemetery. Medium trail 8Km. Short, less than 6Km. No wet feet unless it rains, bring Umbrella it might. On-Home Premiere. Hashing 101.. Smack my Arse & Morf.
1977 6/26/2016 Near Jalung Elementary School, Brgy. Cangatba, Porac. Approaching Porac town from Angeles go straight over at cross-roads with the river bridge on your RHS. Follow road round taking 2nd left and then 1st right (you should now be on the Jalung road). Follow road for a few km until it ends at a T jcn opposite the Jalung Elementary School. Turn right and follow track about 200 m down to riverside. Drive (carefully) over bridge to park on opposite bank. Click on Run number for Google earth map of route to start. Run A-A, about 6.4 km, mainly flat. On-Home Premiere hotel. Pussy Licker & Patch Snatch
1976 6/19/2016 Cuayan near Dragon fruit plantation From Friendhip highway turn west at Cuayan. At water tower turn right 300 m. then cross river ford to the left. Up hill about 500 meters. See Google Earth picture. Alternate route through Anunas town if you don't want to risk the sand in the river bed That way won't be marked). Currently dry and recently maintained river ford. Easy short trail 6.4 km, but if you have weak ankles and don't like bush bashing, rocks etc., may want to shortcut and do the boring way 5 km - will be marked. Easy long trail I think but will find that on Sunday at last minute. On On Premiere. cujo and Answer Do