Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

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1978. 7/3/2016 Sapang Bato. Vacant block on left, just before the cemetery. Medium trail 8Km. Short, less than 6Km. No wet feet unless it rains, bring Umbrella it might. On-Home Premiere. Hashing 101.. Smack my Arse & Morf.
1977 6/26/2016 Near Jalung Elementary School, Brgy. Cangatba, Porac. Approaching Porac town from Angeles go straight over at cross-roads with the river bridge on your RHS. Follow road round taking 2nd left and then 1st right (you should now be on the Jalung road). Follow road for a few km until it ends at a T jcn opposite the Jalung Elementary School. Turn right and follow track about 200 m down to riverside. Drive (carefully) over bridge to park on opposite bank. Click on Run number for Google earth map of route to start. Run A-A, about 6.4 km, mainly flat. On-Home Premiere hotel. Pussy Licker & Patch Snatch
1976 6/19/2016 Cuayan near Dragon fruit plantation From Friendhip highway turn west at Cuayan. At water tower turn right 300 m. then cross river ford to the left. Up hill about 500 meters. See Google Earth picture. Alternate route through Anunas town if you don't want to risk the sand in the river bed That way won't be marked). Currently dry and recently maintained river ford. Easy short trail 6.4 km, but if you have weak ankles and don't like bush bashing, rocks etc., may want to shortcut and do the boring way 5 km - will be marked. Easy long trail I think but will find that on Sunday at last minute. On On Premiere. cujo and Answer Do
1975 6/12/2016 Deca Waterpark. Continue at end of Perimeter Rd, past the cement factory and turn left into Deca Homes. At security tell them you going to waterpark. Park along road to avoid congestion in car park. 2 runs .. short 3.5 to 4kms ... long approx 6kms. Easy run on both taking the weather into account. On home Premier Hotel Tight Arse & Finger in the Dyke
1974 6/5/2016 Cuayan. At Police station, corner of Poinsettia Avenue/Friendship Highway - turn West. At water tower continue left along the dike past the Manuali Barangay hall. On right before underpass. 4.5 k but will try to set a long if the rain lets up. On On. soggy butt
1973. 5/29/2016 Old swimming pool at Pangulo Porac. The Porac bridge is undergoing repairs,So drive straight on, then turn right, then right again and then a left, to get back on the track. At the Villa Maria sign turn left into barrio Pangulo. The turn off will be splashed with powder, and arrows, which will take you to the old swimming pool. Click on run No. for map. Last year at the same venue, the heavens opened, and wiped out the circle, the hare lost his spec's. Two trails, 3km and 7km. On-Home Niagara. Single Malt & Sip Sip in.
1972 5/22/2016 Bamban, Left turn up the mainang rd.follow that for 1.5Km, start is on left side by a small nipa hut, with parking space. Three trails, one short 3Km, one longer, and one false trail. Don't start before hares arrive. bring flashlight if you want to see inside japanese cave, and if so go in with partner. On-Home Niagara. Note, Fruit tree's along the trail, please no picking.. 2bottles & Sirena.
1971 5/15/2016 Over the Bridge to Nowhere, swing left and stop at the usual place at the junction before turning right up the hill. 7 to 8km long trail, about 5km for the short. Nothing strenuous!! On on at the Premiere. Nancy Boy
1970 5/8/2016 Cuayan. At Police station, corner of Poinsettia Avenue/Friendship Highway - turn West. At water tower continue left along the dike past the Manuali Barangay hall. Turn right, 75 meters after left turn, down the dirt track to the Start. Click on run# for map! Have you ever felt that one trail is not enough? Have you ever felt that the length of the two trails offered where not to your liking? Then this Sunday’s Hash is the Hash for you! There are four trails waiting for you in beautiful Cuayan. They are 6, 7, 9 and 10km long! Just decide how long you want to run/walk and follow the signs for your trail. There will be two splits with signs to guide you to your favourite trail. No wet feet unless we are unfortunate to get rain. No major hills. PLEASE OBSERVE!! As there is an election on Monday, only foreigners are allowed to consume alcohol! Filipino citizens are banned from drinking alcohol on May 8 and 9. On home is Premiere hotel! Vendor Bender & Pussy Licker
1969. 5/1/2016 Spillway, 3km down river from bridge to nowhere, if you are going through Base, head for Clark North entrance/exit of SCTEX, JUST before the toll booth do a U turn, and go up the dirt track onto the Dike. If going via the the expressway exit at Clark north, and go right up the track onto the dike.New solar farm on the top. Virgin run, according to the Chief Hare... 5 & 7km runs, wet feet!. On-home Premiere.Click on run No. for Map. Induces and helpers.
1968 4/24/2016 Bamban Mango trees. Go over the Bridge to Nowhere. Turn right at first and second T-junctions. Pass baily bridge, turn left after wall on left side. 1 km to mango trees. Run is approx. 7.5 km. Bit of up and down. Chance of wet feet. On home Premiere. Runisorass & Bush Wanker
1967 4/17/2016 Go across bridge to nowhere and park near dirt road on left hand side, the usual location. Park on the main paved road because the dirt road is under construction. If there's a problem with this location on Sunday we will try to move up the hill and park on the right. I now estimate the run run is approx. 7-8 kilometers. The run goes around Paradise Ranch (but does not enter it). Be careful not to go into Paradise Ranch private property. If you do, someone may ask you for entrance fees. I have decided to do the run in the opposite direction (thanks Single Malt for the idea). So instead of climbing the grassy hill, we will be descending it. That makes it much easier. The hill is still challenging and quite steep. However it is not dangerous and I believe almost all hashers can do it. For those who can't or don't want to go down this hill, this is the obvious place to turn around and do an on-back to the start. On home is Premiere. Floppy dick and Cujo
1966 4/10/2016 San Vicente helicopter pad on Base. Go to the north end of the Base exiting at Sacobia bridge. Cross the bridge and go to the T junction. Turn right and then after about 500 metres turn left by the Jeepney stop. At top of the hill turn right to run site. On home Premiere hotel. Bush Diver
1965 4/3/2016 Parking Lot near El Kubayo on base. Three trails, Short - 4km, Medium - 5.25km, Long - 9km. All trails dry feet! Short is flat, Medium has 3 small hills, Long almost flat. On Home at Niagara. Paparazzi and KFF
1964 3/27/2016 Over the Bridge to Nowhere, 1st Junction on the left, 400 m after end of bridge. Short Trail: 5 km, Degree of difficulty: MODERATE. Long Trail: 7 km, Degree of difficulty: INTERMEDIATE. Trail marked with (possibly soggy!) shredded white & newspaper, white powder, toilet roll. On Home: Premiere Hotel. Deviant and Dirty Schist
1963 3/20/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at the T. Left at the rock crushing plant. Right at the 1st real dirt road. Follow the dirt road until the right turn going down to the river (abt 3 k). Run starts at river. Route will be marked with powder. Long 7.5 k Short 5 k. Both wet feet. will be marked with paper, powder, YELLOW Tape. Location changed due to road construction. On home Premier. tingle Man & soggy butt
1962 3/13/2016 Sunday's run is set in a beautiful and tranquil part of the Philippine countryside - Probably the best run in the world! Go over the "Bridge to nowhere", turn left at T-junction, drive SLOWLY through the Aeta village to San Martin. Park at usual location above Randy's farm. Take your time to enjoy the lovely scenery! Click on run number to preview parts of trail! Bring your swimsuits (not necessary for girls). Walkers trail 4.8 km. Runners trail 7.5 km. You might want to bring change of footwear. On home Premiere hotel. Bumsteer & (Vendor Bender)
1961 3/6/2016 Sapang Bato, vacant lot on left before cemetery 5k,7k and 9k trails. All no major hills, no wet feet Meatless & Kaput
1960 2/28/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere. At the T turn right. About 1.4 km up the road park on the right hand side, road parking is best because not a lot of room for cars off the road. Look for my Pajero. 3 trails. Short is about 3.5, Medium is about 6, long is about 6.8... medium is the easiest. Long trail is a challenge so be warned. On home Premier. soggy butt, Poo Bear, Filipina Logic
1959. 2/21/2016 Mt. Arayat. Proceed to Pampanga Agri. College, other side of Magalang. Go through College gate saying you are going to San Vicente. Take first turn on right marked welcome. continue on that road for 2Km, then it will be open field on your right before village. One trail only, 6.8Km, but easy going. On-Home Marble inn. Click on run No. for map. Induces & Helpers.