Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2116

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Time: 3 pm

Location: Shock Horror... NOT at Porac. Starts at "Kurt's Mangoe trees". Bridge to nowhere, right at junction, right at crusher plant, over bailey bridge, left at end of long wall. keep going about 2Km.

Remarks: Trail is 5.7 Km. On Home - Barbarinos,

Hare: dances with dogs and mouse

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 300 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2019.

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2116 2/24/2019 Shock Horror... NOT at Porac. Starts at "Kurt's Mangoe trees". Bridge to nowhere, right at junction, right at crusher plant, over bailey bridge, left at end of long wall. keep going about 2Km. Trail is 5.7 Km. On Home - Barbarinos, dances with dogs and mouse

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2035. 8/6/2017 Under bridge to Nowhere. Take 1st turning on left after bridge, keep going left to under bridge, past the squatter area and down to riverside. Short 5Km. long 7Km. On-Home Premiere. Induces and Helpers.
2034. 7/30/2017 Sapang Bato. Not the usual place, but on the road in front of the cemetery, So go past where we always park, and left by the grave headstones. Short run 5Km. medium one longer... On-Home Niagara. Click on run No. for map. 2Bottles & Sirena.
2033 7/23/2017 Starts from Haystacks new factory in Pulung Cacutud (near Marquee Mall 2 km).Take Magalang Road over NLEX, past Caltex on left, then on right Punta Verde Subd., and Nouveau Subd. After Garden centre take first turning on left, small dirt road after ‘Smile Reborn’ sign and before Church of God Click on run number for map Definitely not the best hash ever but sensible for rainy season. New area? No hills, no wet feet..unless prior heavy rain, (we even built a new bridge over river to keep your feet dry), Safe and flat walk. Halo halo with country lanes, mango farm, rice fields, caribou, and urban area. Cripples 4 km (flat & dry) , Short trail 5.5 km, Long trail 10km. Young hashers & family definitely welcome (under supervision). Circle inside factory if heavy rain Factory bargains on sale(giftware) Bring candy for local kids. On Home Something different new venue, Delish-Yoso on Richthofen St ... ..Hensonville area round corner from Barbarinos (Zeppelin St). Great food at good prices. Try the chicken wings and Bicol Express! Local Jeepneys (white) to checkpoint. HAYSTACK, FLOPPY DICK, TIGGER
2032 7/16/2017 San Vincente, Helipad. Over Sacobia bridge, at T-junction turn right. After 1k turn left in the village up the hill. Helipad is on the right on top of the hill Medium trail 6.5k flat + runners loop 3.5k not so flat. When runners start to come down their loop there is a 4m deep hole on the right side. Be careful. On-home is Premiere Hotel Scrotum
2031 7/9/2017 On the road to Sapang Bato turn left into Deca Homes, go over bridge and turn left before the security gates, start is approx 300 mtr down rd. Two trails short approx 4.5kms .... medium approx 6.5kms. Easy soft run for everyone ... if it not rain dry feet. On Home is Premier Hotel Finger in the Dyke & Dickhead
2030 7/2/2017 PROPO'S PAGODA at San Martin PROPO'S PAGODA is along the road after San Martin and next to Randy's warehouse which is 150M past the road down to Propo’s new pad. This pagoda used to be in the garden of Propo's villa but has been moved to the top of the road and is being turned into a sheltered drinking viewpoint. On-Home at Premiere Hotel. Proposition and Never Enough
2029 6/25/2017 Cuyaun at the underpass just short of cujo's run last Sunday. Short 5.5k. Medium 7.5k. Flat. Even KFC can do this one. On Home Premier. soggy butt @ Devient
2028 6/18/2017 Cauayan - Go South on Friendship hwy, Turn west at the police station, through Cauayan. and Manuali, under the expressway and go another 300 meters to the truck parking area. A to A run. One short difficult section which I may have to drop if it's muddy. Otherwise your normal flat Cauayan run. Probably wet feet unless we are lucky. On On Premiere. cujo
2027. 6/11/2017 Sapang Bato. Vacant block on left, just before the cemetery. from sapang bato gate, go 1.1km and turn left up the hill follow road to before cemetery. Medium run 7km and Short run 5km dry feet unless rain. Click on Run No. for map. Meatless + Fuckawallaby & Guardian angel.
2026 6/4/2017 Sugar Mill past Porac. Site of Famous Fly run. Take road to Dinalupihan and look for Sweet Crystals sign on right side. Follow road to Sugar Mill. Will start away from chicken sheds this time. 6Km max run. No killer hills. On Home Premier hotel. dances with dogs
2025 5/28/2017 Its across the bridge to nowhere first junction on left. Short 4k Medium 6k Long 7+k Deviant & soggy butt
2024 5/21/2017 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at T. Stay on concrete road PAST rock crushing plant. Over steel bridge. Just past concrete wall on Left hand side turn left onto the concrete road and follow until you reach the mango grove. There will be a split about 2km, stay straight. Mango grove on the right about 100 meters after the split. Medium trail about 6.5k. Longer trail a bit over 7.5k. On home is on site so bring a bbq grill if you have one and food. I will have a grill as will Saput. Anyone else bringing a grill would be a great help. We will do a bonfire. soggy butt @ Nigel
2023 5/14/2017 On the road at the top the driveway to Randy's/Propositions ranch at San Martin. I think everybody knows where that is. Two trails Long(Medium) with wet feet and short trail with no wet feet. Long is only about 5.5 km but a bit difficult in places the short is about 3.5 km. If it pours down with rain may be everyone should take the short. Please drive slowly and quietly through the village. On home Premier. Runisorass and Lost In Subic
2022 5/7/2017 On Base, over the Bridge to Nowhere, turn right at the 'T' junction, over the Bailey bridge, past the turn off to the mango trees, just after you go round the right-hand bend in the road, pull into the open field on the LHS. Click on run number for map of route to start. Medium trail about 7.2 km and short trail about 5.9 km. On home Premiere hotel. Pussy Licker & Patch Snatch
2021. 4/30/2017 From friendship, take the Sapang Bato Rd. Just before the cement plant turn left, follow that road across the river, and the start will be marked from there Short run is 5Km. Medium is Longer... On-Home, Niagara. Click on run No. for map. Two bottles & Serina.
2020 4/23/2017 Go to Porac, turn right at main bridge. 2.7k turn left, go straight for 1k park at river. Suggest use expressway due bridge works on old Porac Rd. This is a HASH run, not a ball breaking killer. Those who like long runs, go round twice. 5km. Lovely countryside, moderate hills. On Home O'Beavers. Jeeps will leave in stages for those who want to leave early. dances with dogs, soggy butt
2019 4/16/2017 Gate 14. All new trails! Go past check point at gate 14 where you will sign waiver. Proceed through wall at gate 14. Bear right across sandy area. And to top of hill for start. Long 7Km. Short 5Km. On home Premiere Induces & Helpers
2018 4/9/2017 Trails start almost at the end of Mainang road. Marks from McArthur highway. Short and shorter trails. On home Niagara Sirena & Filippina Logic
2017 4/2/2017 San Martin, Santa Rosa. Go over the Bridge to Nowhere (Sacobia bridge),turn left at T-junction, go through village and continue further than what we normally do. Length of run: TBA On home: Premiere! Bush Diver
2016 3/26/2017 Forget Xevera, Start point is now across the spillway North of the Sacobia river. See Google earth Snapshot. about 6 Km, dry feet I think. Coming from Bridge to nowhere on the access road for SCTEX, make U turn just before the toll gate and then up the dirt road on the right. Follow road down to spillway. Then cross spillway and continue another 300 meters on dirt road. Some loose spots but a sedan should be OK if you keep your speed up. Will be marked from the Access road. Floppy Dick/Cujo