Angeles Bushranger Hash

Who: Strictly men only
When: 2nd Saturday every month
Price: 300 Peso (to cover transport and drinks)

Upcoming Bushranger runs

Previous Bushranger runs

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137 11/12/2022 Meet at 12:30 Premier Hotel. Jeep leaves promptly at 13:00 Run is somewhere over the rainbow way up high there's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Meatless
136 10/8/2022 north boys will always be boys twobottles
135 9/10/2022 west a good day out for men only. twobottles
134 8/13/2022 In the hills around Angeles Given that many regular Bushranger hashers are currently away including our founder Two Bottles we are inviting anyone wanting to do the Bush in August to (as a one off) join the Corona hash this Saturday 13 August. PLEASE NOTE. DO NOT GO TO THE PREMIER. A VAN WILL LEAVE HARRIETTES RESTO BAR (CHECK GOOGLE MAPS) AT 1PM AND THEN FROM 1.30PM OPPOSITE THE RED PLANET HOTEL. Cost of the van 100 pesos and you can buy beer at the circle at 60 peso each. Keep the Change and Runisorass
132 7/9/2022 Near Angeles City A great trail has been prepared by master Hare Bush Wanker (over 90 Bushranger runs) assisted by Runisorass.As a special once only offering a long and short trail will be available for this run. Short trail 4km and long 8km. A beer stop will be offered half way through the long run. So if you have never done a Bushranger hash now is your opportunity to come along and enjoy one. Jeepney leaves at 1pm from the Premier Hotel 9 July 2022. Runisorass and Bush Wanker
131 6/11/2022 Meet 1200 noon at Premiere Hotel for a 12:30pm departure MORPHINE MEMORIAL Jorge’s ashes will be scattered along the trail by his partner Vilma (Golden Shower) so this is a final send off for Morphine and your chance to run one last trail with him, honouring his hash achievements. The first 40 finishers will receive a FREE Morphine Memorial Tshirt. No run fees, as this is a sponsored event. Bushranger trails are A to B and have no short option. Men and Ladies welcome. Egghead, Golden Shower & Super Glue
130 5/14/2022 Anniversary run. Short agpu meeting at noon at the Premiere. Jeepney leaves 1pm. Two Bottles
129 4/16/2022 Jeepney leaves Premiere 1 o'clock. Keep the Change
128 3/19/2022 Jeep leaves Premiere at 1pm Hare Two Bottles. Very very easy for trail for some! Two Bottles
127 2/26/2022 Leave Premiere at 1 pm Two Bottles
126. 1/8/2022 AS Two Bottles once said for the Sunday Hash..."Some point of Luzon"🀣🀣 Master Hare in charge, fear Not. Soggy D.
125. 12/11/2021 Ask the Hares on Saturday..πŸ˜‚ Bring your Sleeping Bags, could be a long one..😁😁 Guest Hares.πŸ‘
124 11/13/2021 Jeepney leaves Premiere at 1 pm 5 k run, no hills, no wet feet, no run fees, free T-shirt, (All information subject to change) Scrotum
123. 10/9/2021 Yep.. that's about the Location.😍 A stroll down a country meadow' Lol!🏍🎨 Keep the Change & Pig Fucker.
122. 8/14/2021 Think it maybe Florida..🀣🀣 Good luck.🏍🏍 Nancy Boy
121. 7/10/2021 Same as always, unknown.😁 Not a difficult trail, so come along.πŸ›΄ Two Bottles.
120. 6/12/2021 Hahaha, if only..😁 Be prepared guys, could be a few Up's and Down's..πŸ₯ΆπŸ‘. Keep the Change & Merchant Wanker.
119. 10th Anniversary. 5/8/2021 Unknown. So.. what has Two Bottles in store for us on the 10th Anniversary😁😁 Two Bottles
118 4/10/2021 Bamban Shrine Stairway To Heaven Jeepney departs 1pm sharp from Premiere. Not a tough Bushranger as the weather will be HOT ... rolling hills and no jungle. Bring your hats and lots of drinking water. GM requests all hashers to bring face masks and face shields on the jeepney. Proposition and Wild Wolf
117 3/6/2021 Out there somewhere. First Saturday of the month this month.1pm from the Premiere Hotel. Bring water it may be hot. Keep the Change and Runisorass

The Hash House Harrier is a social hiking/running club. Angeles City is the home of 3 hash clubs, the traditional Angeles City Hash ACH3, the Beach and the new Angeles Bushranger Hash ABH3. The Beach and the Bushranger Hash are for men only. Generally the events take place in the spectacular countryside around Angeles City.