Angeles Bushranger Hash

Who: Strictly men only
When: 2nd Saturday every month
Price: 300 Peso (to cover transport and drinks)

Upcoming Bushranger runs

Previous Bushranger runs

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152 7/11/2024 God will guide us to the perfect location. Meet at premier hotel 1300. 6km trail. Several hills but nothing crazy. If you want to attend and you are not on the Bushranger chat group, please contact meatless or bushwanker. Meatless and ktc
151 5/24/2024 Somewhere in the beautiful neighbourhood surrounding Angeles City Men only. Cost 300 peso. Two fucking Snakes & Bush Wanker
150 4/11/2024 Meet 1 pm at premiere Hotel Transport with private cars. A to A. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Silvester Stallone signed up already to scout the location for Expendables 6. Bush Wanker
149 1/25/2024 Meet at Premier Hotel. Bring change of clothes. Private cars may be in use. Wrong Way
148 12/9/2023 Transportation leaves premier hotel 1pm. More information to follow Bushwanker
147 9/9/2023 close jeep leaves 1pm from premiere.two trails,short trail about 5km second trail is longer.most hashers can do the short trail so all are welcome. two bottles
146 8/12/2023 Only the co-hare knows Let's celebrate the absence of Two Bottles and make a Bushranger for normal people.The run will start from premiere at 1 pm. If you did not confirm verbally yet, please text Kaput, so he can buy the beer And arrange transport accordingly 09185255998 Kaput & Yakidiyak
145 7/8/2023 Transport leaves at 1300 from Premier Hotel A relaxing stroll through the local countryside. Bushwanker
144 6/10/2023 car leaves 1pm from flaming bar in santos street. even we are few we are too old to die young. two bottles
143 5/13/2023 start 1pm from flaming bar in santos street angeles city this is a combined bushranger and watzman trail so you get points from both clubs.there will be two trails a turtle trail and a eagle trail so everybody can join in, but only if you are a man and likes bush and beers. two bottles
142 4/8/2023 this bushranger is a outstation run in subic.starting from vfw in del pilar barrio barretto it's an A to B run,backs will be transported to the B side.after circle we come back to A side leech my nuggets & cohares
141 3/25/2023 Meet at flaming Bar in Santos Street. There are rumours, that the run is in a far away land. Bring flash lights, compass and anything else needed to survive a night in the bush. Wrong Way
140 2/11/2023 Meet at old flaming in Santos street Two bottles is out of the country. So everything allowed. Scrotum
139 1/14/2023 start and on home as usual old flaming bar.sign up start 12:30pm nobody get left behind two snake fucking
138 12/10/2022 sign up start 12:30 in our new bushranger home, the old flamming bar in santos street. jeepney leaves 1pm sharp.and the days run will be in the philippines in every bushranger there is a little boy who wants to go out and play. two bottles
137 11/12/2022 Meet at 12:30 Premier Hotel. Jeep leaves promptly at 13:00 Run is somewhere over the rainbow way up high there's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Meatless
136 10/8/2022 north boys will always be boys twobottles
135 9/10/2022 west a good day out for men only. twobottles
134 8/13/2022 In the hills around Angeles Given that many regular Bushranger hashers are currently away including our founder Two Bottles we are inviting anyone wanting to do the Bush in August to (as a one off) join the Corona hash this Saturday 13 August. PLEASE NOTE. DO NOT GO TO THE PREMIER. A VAN WILL LEAVE HARRIETTES RESTO BAR (CHECK GOOGLE MAPS) AT 1PM AND THEN FROM 1.30PM OPPOSITE THE RED PLANET HOTEL. Cost of the van 100 pesos and you can buy beer at the circle at 60 peso each. Keep the Change and Runisorass
132 7/9/2022 Near Angeles City A great trail has been prepared by master Hare Bush Wanker (over 90 Bushranger runs) assisted by Runisorass.As a special once only offering a long and short trail will be available for this run. Short trail 4km and long 8km. A beer stop will be offered half way through the long run. So if you have never done a Bushranger hash now is your opportunity to come along and enjoy one. Jeepney leaves at 1pm from the Premier Hotel 9 July 2022. Runisorass and Bush Wanker

The Hash House Harrier is a social hiking/running club. Angeles City is the home of 3 hash clubs, the traditional Angeles City Hash ACH3, the Beach and the new Angeles Bushranger Hash ABH3. The Beach and the Bushranger Hash are for men only. Generally the events take place in the spectacular countryside around Angeles City.