Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2363 The 46th Anniversary Run

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Time: 14:30 from Premiere Hotel

Location: LMM, Lower Magic Mountain. Go over TB2NW (Sacobia Bridge), first road left, next road right, turn left down sandy road just before you come to sharp right bend. Continue on the sand road all the way to the field.

Remarks: The cost for the anniversary run is 1,200 peso for Men and 1,000 peso for Hariettes. T-shirt and food included. Beautiful Medium trail, 6.5 km, with both hill and wet feet. Cripples trail: only 3 easy kilometers. On home Premiere hotel. Food

Hare: Wait Lang & Not Yet

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 400 Peso, Women 200 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

ACH3's Anniversary Run will be on 26th May - Click Here for More Info

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2363 The 46th Anniversary Run 5/26/2024 LMM, Lower Magic Mountain. Go over TB2NW (Sacobia Bridge), first road left, next road right, turn left down sandy road just before you come to sharp right bend. Continue on the sand road all the way to the field. The cost for the anniversary run is 1,200 peso for Men and 1,000 peso for Hariettes. T-shirt and food included. Beautiful Medium trail, 6.5 km, with both hill and wet feet. Cripples trail: only 3 easy kilometers. On home Premiere hotel. Food Wait Lang & Not Yet

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2322 - The NO dogs run! 8/13/2023 The Snake farm! Over TB2NW, Right at T-Junction, after 1.2 km, turn right, without dogs. Turn will be marked. Two trails: 6km and 3km trails, neither of them are suited for dogs. Sheewee, Not Yet, Paddy Pacquiao
2321 8/6/2023 To get to run start, across Bridge to no where, right at the T, stay on main road past the Rock crushing plant through construction area, go over steel Baily bridge, Follow concrete wall strait, continue strait, veer left on single road, follow onto new roadworks to underpass. Mostly flat trail, 5k or so. Sodermizer and Wrong Way
2320 7/30/2023 The trail is from the bridge to somewhere. Update,three trails, medium 7k, short 7k, ultra short 2k. Yakidiyak
2319 7/23/2023 Cuayan / Manuali, under SCTEX bridge. Location pin 15.142570, 120.517899. From Friendship Police Station 5,through Cuayan. After Manuali bear right down the track towards the bridge, then take the track to the left. Short about 5.5km. Long about 7 or 8km. On on at Premiere. Nancy boy
2318 7/16/2023 Under Bridge to Somewhere. Run 2304 directions. Monsoon so flat 5k+. Wet feet I'm sure. On home Barbarinos. Soggy Butt, Facilitator, Unlucky Fiancee
2317 7/9/2023 Coalman's back yard, Jalung Porac. Take the Floridablanca Road out of Porac for about 1 km to the Caltex Station. After 100m turn right under the blue Brgy Jalung arch for 200m, then turn left onto a dirty road sign-posted Ronnie Electrical Shop. After 60m turn right and finally after another 60m turn right into Coalman's back yard. Two trails: Short 2km walk around Jalung. Medium 4.5km hash with wet feet. Swimming pool available for use at own risk. Coalman's number 920 200 0446. Coalman
2316 7/2/2023 The run this week will be in Porac. The more or less the same location I used a few times recently. Directions: Proceed to the center of Porac Town. Turn right at bridge and go past City Hall. Keep Going straight about 1 km and just past the RRG Water Refilling Station, you will see a marked turn to the right. Follow the dirt road and marks to the run site. 15.08103, 120.53043 GPS coords One trail about 5.5km. Floppy Dick
2315 6/25/2023 Across BTN. Right at T. Main road past Rock Crushing plant, past road construction. Before Baily Bridge turn right. Park at about 100 meters, Orange truck. 1 trail about 5.5k. 1 hill. Dry feet. NOT DOG FRIENDLY. Easier than last week ;-) Soggy Butt, Poo Bear and Unlucky Fiance
2314 6/18/2023 BamBam. Proceed over the BamBam bridge for less than 2km until you see a junk shop/yard on the left sporting white ACH3 Run 2314 sign(s). Proceed carefully through the junkyard following the dirt road to an open field where a Black F-150 will be parked in plain view. Short Trail 3.5km. Medium Trail 5km. Modest wooded hill with short notable descent back to valley. Control your dogs in the valley as there are chickens, ducks and stray dogs in the villages and farms along the way. Please bring candy for the children you will meet along the way because they are dirt poor. Veteran hashers will recognize the trail because we frequented this area often in the distant past. Guardian Angel, 5-0 and Slip and Slide.
2313 6/11/2023 Brgy,pio porac,ilog kamalig on google map 15.0486946, 120.5154568 . Run starts at Ilug Kamalik, barangay Pio, turn right into Barangay Pio, that is after Porac town proper and Jalung, but before Sweet Crystals sugar mill. Follow the road down to the river. short trail 4,5 km .medium 8 km, wet feet if raining and wet feet if not raining. On home Sun Moon Main, Nipa Huts outside, San Angelo street two bottles and two snake
2312 6/4/2023 lower magic mountain on home:Premiere hotel first left after crossing bridge to nowhere.two trails,short is 3.5km and medium is 6km. on-on Supot and Twobottles
2311 5/28/2023 Across bridge to nowhere. Right at T. Left onto the dirt road at the Rock Crushing plant. 500 m and right on the dirt road. Follow the road about 1.5k. It will make a hard right with a small track going straight. Stay on the main road going right. After about 500m the road will make a hard left, go straight ahead down the small track to the river. We have been there many times. At this point, one trail 5km. Kaput & Floopy Dick
2310 5/21/2023 Barangay Cuayan. Close to the chicken manure field. There are two ways to reach the dike road in Cuayan. One is the usual road through brgy Cuayan from police station 5 at Friendship Hwy/Poinsettia Av. The second is from the cement factory, close to Friendship gate, through brgy Anunas over the new bridge to the dike road. When there, follow dike road past brgy Manuali's brgy hall, under SCTEX and then a right turn to the road to field. Decimal position: 15.0832N, 120.3047E. 2 trails, short 2.5 km, long 6 km. In the shade as much as possible. Bring an umbrella rain or shine to enjoy your beer under. On home ACEL Clubhouse. Bonsai & Stump Jumper
2309 5/14/2023 Under the bridge too somewhere mostly flat trail one trail nothing too hard in this heat or rain maybe some wet feet on home is at the premiere hotel lost in subic, Hynd titt wingnut
2308 5/7/2023 Palm Canyon Estates, San Martin (Randy's farm). Go over TB2NW, left at T-junction, drive slowly through the Aeta village, turn right down next road. The hares have found a trail. Possibly the trail of the year. Trails: 3,7km and 6km. You have a chance of keeping your shoes dry. Two Snakes fucking & Not Yet
2307 4/30/2023 Lola's field opposite the Cayanan farm in Porac. Go to Porac town,turn right at the bridge towards Town hall. Proceed all the way to "Moontura resort" (Look at google maps)When you pass the resort follow marks. Before the farm in the left turn you go staight in the field. The hares found a few new and interesting sections to combine with well known paths. Short 5km, medium 6km. For the cripples, talk to the hares for ultrashort. With a bit of skills dry feet. This is not a flat trail but not to hard. On home barbarinos. Yakkkiti yak & Kuya Gay
2306 4/23/2023 NO DOGS ON TRAIL! Across Bridge to Nowhere. Right at T. Stay on main road past rock crushing plant, over steel Baily bridge, Left at the far end of the wall. Follow onto the NEW roadworks and proceed left under new overpass. Stay on the dirt road about 2k until ALMOST at the old mango grove. Turn right at the 3 way split (farthest right along the field). Parking shortly after. Will mark turns with powder. 15.249839, 120.526167 GPS. Google it on your phone with google maps. NO DOGS ON TRAIL PLEASE! 2 farms with geese, goats and dogs. NOT A DOG FRIENDLY TRAIL! 1 trail about 6.5k. As much shade as we could find but bring water and a brolly if heat is an issue, definitely water. On Home is Valdez Store (Thomas). Soggy Butt, Facilitator, Unlucky Fiancee
2305 4/16/2023 New circle location San Vincente. Directions: Over BTNW, follow road 2.2km right at T-junction, follow road 2.0km left at Rock crushing plant. 600M right, 1.2km right, 500m left (do not go straight to the river). 900M to first river crossing, 500m to 2nd river crossing then just 200m to circle location. 15.240090, 120.508910 Rivers are about 20cm (8 in) deep, with rain perhaps a bit more but passable with most cars. Short 3.5km Long 6.5km. Both dry feet with rock hopping. Short trail gentle hills only, long trail has several medium hills but nothing crazy. Prepare for rain. Several new sections. Long trail is trail of the year candidate so put some effort and try to do it! Meatless, Saput and C@#t thief
2304 4/9/2023 Under bridge to somewhere. Directions: Over BTNW, first left, left again, under the bridge, then follow until the new bridge. Look for the hares white car. Short 4km Long 6km. Both dry feet. Both trails have 1 decent hill, long has an extra, smaller hill. Dont shoot the hares if it is gets hot, bring an umbrella and water instead. On home is Premiere hotel. Kuya Gay and Trucka
2303 4/2/2023 A NEW mangogrove. Over BTNW, T junction right, rock crushing plant Right, 50 meters PAST the checkpoint tent turn left (Will be marked), and left again under the trees. Farmer gave permission to park, and will be selling some of their products. 2 trails, no significant hills, dry feet. All easy going. Short 4km, medium 6,8km. Kuya Gay & David