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Next weeks Run #2146

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Time: 15:00 from Premiere Hotel

Location: Margot, close to Deca Homes. Pass Friendship gate (don't go through gate), continue under SCTEX, turn left towards Deca Homes, just before gate - turn left on to small dirt road. Last time we started there was on Suso's & Vendor Bender's excellent hash September 18th. Click run # for map.

Hare: Scatman & Suso

After weeks of ridiculously long and dishonest hash trails, Scatman is bringing back some sanity to the rainy season hash. All flat (no hills-and I do mean NO hills), no wet feet unless it pisses down rain and makes puddles, and an honest one length somewhere between 5-6km (no short/medium/long). If that’s not enough for u tough guys, then you can run it twice. Proposition can run it 3 times; the rest of us will have a nice hike. On Home is Barbarinos on Zeppelin Str.

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On On

men only

Beach #398

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Time: 3 PM

Location: Start at Jolliebee at Friendship. 3PM

Hare: Honey Dew

Hare knows start and finish but not what to do in between. Update later.

The Hash Home for the Sunday runs is the Premiere Hotel (map). Jeepneys leave from Premiere.


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The Hash House Harrier is a social hiking/running club. Angeles City is the home of 3 hash clubs, the traditional Angeles City Hash ACH3, the Beach and the new Angeles Bushranger Hash ABH3. The Beach and the Bushranger Hash are for men only. Generally the events take place in the spectacular countryside around Angeles City.

Full Moon Hash

Sleepy Hollow - Full Moon Run #96

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Time: 6pm Brass Knob

Location: Brass Knob , sign in starts at 6pm and we leave at 630pm

Hare: Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke

Short run with unlimited drinks. On! On!
200 pesos for men
150 pesos for women