Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2098

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Time: 2 pm from Premier Hotel

Location: Floridablanca

Remarks: Take the express way to Floridablanca .. as soon as you pass the toll booth park on the right side of the road. trail starts here. On Home at Premier Hotel

Hare: Bush Diver

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 300 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

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Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2098 10/21/2018 Floridablanca Take the express way to Floridablanca .. as soon as you pass the toll booth park on the right side of the road. trail starts here. On Home at Premier Hotel Bush Diver

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2077 5/27/2018 Clark Adventure park. Over the Bridge to nowhere, take the first left turn. Go a few hundred meters back toward the river then at the T turn right and follow the road up to the top of the hill to the Clark Adventure park. Start point is about 200 meters east of the Go cart track, near the mango trees. Short trail is 4 km and the Long about 8 km On-Home is the Premier Hotel The Aeta children will be happy if you bring some candies. Tight ass & Shoots first
2076 5/20/2018 Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue 400 meter to field. Same start as April fools day run. (Click on run # for map) 2 trails, Short 5 km and Medium trail 7 km with steep hills. Socks recommended for the Medium trail. On home is Premiere Hotel See More Stains & Master Bates & Bonsai
2075 5/13/2018 ANOTHER Update Due to alcohol ban in force ... Start is over the bridge to nowhere first corner on left at the Magic Mountain sign ... after run will transfer to Propo Pad at San Martin for circle .. Propo requested that you park vehicles on road above house .. no room down below Short is 4 kms .... long is about 7 kms easy run for everyone considering the hot weather lately. On home is Premier Hotel Finger in the Dyke & Honey Dew
2074 5/6/2018 Anunas. This Sunday's run will start at the Dragon fruit farm same as April 15th run. Turn left before cement plant, first right after paved bridge, turn right just before road goes downhill, Short 4.7 km, Long 7.7km. Both runs virtually flat. A third to half short run is new, and similar amount shaded. Paparazzi
2073 4/29/2018 Barangay Cuayan Just after you pass under the clark subic toll rd Go down Frienship hwy past timog pk turn right at Poinsettia ave Barangay Cuayan police station follow that rd around the dyke too the express way once you pass under it look for marks and parking on the right about 100mtrswe have started from this spot before .The trail is about 7/8 klm not really sure no gps gradual hill if you don,t want to do longer trail and wet feet turn back at the top lost in subic+Hynd tit
2072. 4/22/2018 Dip by river. From the bridge to nowhere, turn right at San Vicente, turn left at rock crushing, turn right at village, turn right at next fork, then follow the track down to the river. We've been there before. Click on Run No. for map. A pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll. Long about 7-8k with a hill, short about 5-6k with only little bumps. On on at Premiere Nancy Boy
2071. 4/15/2018 Anunas.Go past friendship gate, turn left just before the cement factory,go over the bridge and take the first right,continue on to the dragon fruit farm for the start.Click on Run No. for Map. One trail 6 to 7Km. On-Home...NOT the Premiere, Moon's Bar, in Diamond Subd.. Picasso & Mother Duck.
2070. 4/8/2018 Spillway near Bamban. take sctex north, and exit at Clark north, immediatly take the dirt road on your right over dike, go past solar panels to spillway on river. You can also go though Base if it suits you better. 4.5km and 7km trails. On-Home Premiere. Induces and Helpers.
2069 Fools day run! 4/1/2018 Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue to field on "hill". 5.7 and 10 km trails. Wet feet on 10 km trail. If you can't jump you might get wet feet also on short trail. Please observe: No marks will be visible before Jeepneys have arrived. That must be some kind of magic? Mr Bum Steer & Co - don't waste your time by going out early. On home Premiere. Vendor Bender & Suso
2068 3/25/2018 Sapang Bato. Just past our old parking site on left before cemetary... continue another 100 meters, parking on the RIGHT SIDE in the open area of old crypts across the main road from the cemetery. Look for my orange Ranger truck. Long and Short trails. 8 and 5 km. Some new ground on the long. On Home Premier. soggy butt & Self Satisfaction
2067 3/18/2018 Under bridge to nowhere. 5 km and 7 km. On home Premiere Vlad the impaler and honey dew
2066 3/11/2018 Anunas. Go straight at Friendship gate, (as going to Margot) At the cement factory turn left, go over the river bridge then first right, continue on for 250m then right again. Continue 500m, parking at right. Turns will be marked. (Click on run number for map) Fabulous trails!! Dry feet. Short trail 4km. Long trail 7+km. On Home Premiere. Bum Steer & Deaf Cunt
2065 3/4/2018 Go to Porac, right at bridge, follow road 2.7k, turn left, follow road to river, though underpass to start. 5.3 and 6.3 trails. Beautiful country. BEWARE old bush ranger trail. Look for new trail with coloured paper mixed in. On home Premier. This could be the second best run of the year. dances with dogs and KFC
2064 2/25/2018 Cuayan. Under the expressway and turn right at the 2nd turn. Will be marked. Short trail 5 to 6 k. Long trail is about 8k. Onhome is Premiere Hotel Scrotum
2063 2/18/2018 Margot. From friendship direction sapangbato. Under SCTEX turn left after 40 m, before barangay margot arch. Short trail 4,5 k (follow white ribbon), long trail 7.5k (red ribbon) Kermitt the frog
2062 2/11/2018 San Vicente helicopter pad.Over bridge to nowhere (Sacobia), at T-junction right. Turn left to top of the hill. Turn right to the start. Wait for the hare before starting the run, so you won't get mixed up with the trail from 2 weeks ago. 7km long run with short trail option. Onhome is premiere hotel. Bush Diver
2061 AGPU run 2/4/2018 Transport leaves Premiere Hotel at 15:00. Location is at San Martin. Go over the bridge to Nowhere, turn left at the T-jct, go through the Aeta village (very slowly pls) and park at the top after the village. Start and On Home will be at San Martin. Two trails, but they will not be marked at start, so wait for the hares. There will be a T-shirt and free food at the On Home in San Martin. Fees: 650 for men, 350 for ladies and 200 for kids. A special thank you to our sponsors: The Ambassador Suites, NT Realty and Barbarinos. Supot & Proposition
2060. 1/28/2018 San Vicente. over bridge to nowhere, down to T junction, turn right, on for 400m then left up the hill. At the top turn Left again, then follow the track for about 1.5Km. Parking opposite the concrete posts. Short run 5Km, Medium 6Km. On-Home Premiere. Click on run No. for map. Induces and Helpers.
2059 1/21/2018 Mango Trees on Base. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at the T jcn., past rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, take left turn at end of long wall, follow track for about 1 km to mango trees. Turn-off will be marked. Short trail about 5km, medium trail about 7km, both dry feet & suitable for all ages*. On Home Premiere. A Snatch-Licker production. Don't get too attached to that trophy DwD. (*20-25) Patch Snatch & Pussy Licker
2058 1/14/2018 Deka water park. Turn left before the gate to Deka. Follow the dirt road for 200 m Aussie run! Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed. 5 and 8 km trails. Onhome us Premiere hotel Smack my Arse & Bangka Blower