Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2025

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Time: 3pm

Location: Its across the bridge to nowhere first junction on left. Short 4k Medium 6k Long 7+k


Hare: Deviant & soggy butt

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2025 5/28/2017 Its across the bridge to nowhere first junction on left. Short 4k Medium 6k Long 7+k Deviant & soggy butt

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2004 1/1/2017 Clark Adventure park over Bridge to nowhere. On On Premiere Over Bridge to nowhere take the first left turn. Go a few hundred meters back toward the river then at the T turn right and follow road up to the top of the hill to the Clark Adventure park. Start point is about 200 meters east of the Go cart track, near the mango trees. Short 5.5 Long 7.5km. A to A. Click run number to see Google Earth photo. Cujo, Floppy dick
2003 12/25/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at the T. Left at the rock crushing plant. 1st right onto dirt road. Follow powder down to river. About 6.5 k, 1 trail, wet feet. On Home Premier Hotel. soggy butt
2002 12/18/2016 Cross bamban bridge. Turn right to Gomian farm. Run: walk thru sugarcane fields up to white gate. Cross river. Back to Gomian farm in the open grass area. Six km. On home wild boozer. mini muncher
2001. A space Odyssey. 12/11/2016 Bamban. MacArthur to the Coathanger bridge, on for 300m, turn Left, then first Right, on until you see my Silver Vitara. Short trail 5Km. Medium 6Km, split is 500m from the start. The road from SM Clark to the Mabalacat gate is open, might help some, or you can always go though Base. Click on Run No for map. On-Home Premiere. Morphine, Smack my Arse, and Golden Shower.
2000 Haggis 12/10/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
2000 12/4/2016 Cuayan, follow dike along river, continue under the SCTEX. 400 meters after underpass park in field on the right. 2000th run. Fee: Men 1200, Women 1000 and kids 950 peso. Short, Medium and Long trails. S 5.5km, M 7km, L 10.5km. Don't start before Jeepneys have arrived. On home Josefaville 2. Food and Beer! Vendor Bender & Soggy Butt
1999P 12/3/2016 Clark Adventure Park. Go over Sacobia bridge (Bridge to nowhere) take first left and follow signs to Adventure park. Jeepneys leave Premiere Hotel at 14:00. ACH3 2000th run Pre Lube. 7.3 and 5.4 km trails. Maybe wet feet on longer trail. On home Premiere. Cujo
1999. 11/27/2016 Porac. Turn Left at the bridge, then right at the old road to Subic. About 2+Km it's another right turn, Will be Marked,look for the Mark!! then a bumpy track down to the river. Short 4.5Km. Medium 6Km. On-Home Premiere. Single Malt, rallye & Sip Sip in.
1998. 11/20/2016 Sapang Bato. Start is near the cemetery. Short trail is 5Km, Medium is longer.... Don't show up early, everyone to start together. On-Home Niagara. 2 bottles & Sirena.
1997. 11/13/2016 San Martin. Park on the road above Randy's farm, usual spot. Two trails. approximately 4 and 6 Km On-Home Premiere. UPDATE! trail splits at the river, Short to the right. Soggy D/H
1996 11/6/2016 McArthur Highway Mababacat turn right at Camatchiles (1.6 km after Dau traffic lights.) Go straight for 3.5 kms. Start is at Mauli Arch. Click on run number for map) Jeepney(s) leave(s) Premiere Hotel at 2 PM. Please do not park on grass area as it is a golf course. 6 kms. flat run.Short cut available On home Niagara kaput & trucka fucka
1995. 10/30/2016 Barrio Pio,Porac. At the bridge in Porac turn left, and proceed to old road to Subic, bare right, continue on for about 4Km, then it's a right turn that will be marked, continue down to river bank. Short trail is 4.5Km, long 7.5Km.Easy to moderate trails, wet feet!please bring candy for Aeta kids.Same start as Single malt & Sip Sip in January. On-Home Premiere.The Map I have put on, IS incorrect! disregard it.Now deleted.. Guardian Angel & Fallen Angel.
1994 10/23/2016 Concrete road first turn on left after Bridge to Nowhere. If not raining drive a little further to field below Clark Adventure Park -- marked. Long trail is 7.5k, short is 5.5k. On home Premiere Induces & Helpers
1993 10/16/2016 Town run Premiere We have decided to do a town run from the Premiere because the weather is not forecast to be better by the time of the hash run. A to A on home premiere Floppy Dick & Cujo
12 10/12/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
2000a 10/12/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
2000Haggis 10/12/2016 La Union Haggis Bash 12 Honey Dew
1992 10/9/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere at the Helo pad. Across the bridge, turn right at the 1st tee, 1st left going up the hill on concrete, bear right at the top. On the right. Due to rain will be a short and rain appropriate trail. 4 or 5 k. soggy butt
1991 10/2/2016 Xevera Mabalacat Drive on Macarthur hwy towards Bamban when you pass under Subic-clk-Tarlac express way about 1 klm turn left into Xevera Housing complex take the first turn on your left Kabayan dr follow to the end then turn right for about 400 meters then left look for rex,s white car will mark chalk on crns click on run number for map lost in subic and Runisorass
1990 9/25/2016 Over the "Bridge to Nowhere", right at T-junction. Stop at bottom of hill where the road goes up to the left. About 6km. On home: Barbarinos, Zeppelin Street. BumSteer & Bloody Fairy