Sunday Run/Hike

Who: Strictly Men Only
When: Once a Month - Determined by Hare
Price: Determined by Hare on the day (to cover transport and drinks)

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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394. 5/18/2019 There will be transport from Mrs Robinson's to the start. Trails for everyone, from 4km up to... Click on Run No. for location of Mrs Robinson's. Transport 100 pesos- Beer drinkers 100 pesos- Pussies 50 pesos- Kaput 500 pesos (E.g. because he drinks too much doing down-downs.😂) Two Bottles.
393 4/27/2019 Meet at premiere hotel at 4 pm. Late start! Easy run with drink stop. 200 pesos for beer drinkers, 100 pesos for pussies. (E.g. Morphine) See More Stains
392 3/30/2019 3 PM leaves Premier Hotel A medium and short trail ( A to b ).Transport for bags to on home provided. Hares want to get down and dirty. Honey Dew & Vlad The Impaler
391 2/23/2019 Meet at Friendship (Jollibee) leave 3 PM Long trail 8km, Medium 6km, Short even less. Transport for bags available. On home will be Premiere. men only Panzer & Sauerkraut
390 1/19/2019 Premiere Hotel. Click on run # for picture of the scenic route. A to A. The two redneck hares have now revealed that the length of the trails will be 4km and 6km. And there will be no drink stops. Sir Steer wants to point out that, although his previous trails always have included a city dump, there will be no garbage on this BEACH. The picture is wrong, he states. Soggy Butt and Bum Steer
389 12/22/2018 Leave Premier Hotel 3 PM X mas candy run. So bring some candy and Santa hat.Long trail about 6 kms, short trail not so long, VIP trail even shorter. Banka Blower & Trucka
388 11/17/2018 Niagara leave 3 PM Long trail 6kms. short 5kms. VIP trail on request. P 100 per hasher for drink stops. On home has pool bags will be transported to on home. Trucka Fucka and Vlad The Impaler
387 10/20/2018 Jeep leaves Premier Hotel 2.00 PM NOTE 2.00 PM P 200 per hasher to cover transport etc. B teams birthday bash. So join the boys for the fun and games. Bunka Blower & Honey Dew
386 9/22/2018 Start point is Premiere Hotel Estimated 5-7 km run, hash markings will be briefed on the day of the run. Bring a change of clothes, swim attire, and a bag/backpack in which to put everything (you will leave your stuff in our care and will be brought to the On Home for you). Big Sister & Scatman
385 8/18/2018 Leave Premier 3.00 Pm P300 per hasher to cover Transport & light refreshments. 2 trails Short about 4 kms. Long is longer.Also t shirt available so bring extra money. Trucka & Honey Dew & Bunka Blower
384. 7/21/2018 Transport to start of run.If raining No transport. Start changed to Niagara. Short run 3km, Medium 6Km. Two Bottles.
383 6/2/2018 Premier Hotel. Leaves 3.30 Short run approx. 4 Kms. Working on runner's loop.Pool at on home, and bags will be taken from start to on home. Master Bates & Bonsai
382 5/5/2018 Premiere Hotel. Late start 1600. Trail is 5km with 1 beer stop. Swimming available at on home. Bags/backpacks dropped at start point will be brought to on-home. Scatman & Susu
381 4/14/2018 Meet at premiere hotel 5k and (may be) 8k run. Beer & food. 200 pesos fee. See More Stains & Master Bates
380 3/17/2018 Leave Niagara 3 PM St. Patrick's Day run. Please wear green. To the survivors of last run this a traditional BEACH RUN. Short run 4 kms. Long 7 kms. Great day planed.To be sure, to be sure Trucka Fucka and kaput
379 2/10/2018 Meet at Niagara lounge in santos street. Jeepney transport. Single Malt & Two Bottles
378 1/5/2018 Start from Premiere Hotel at 3:30 The 'B' team got something brewing. Transport for bags availale. No swimming. Honey Dew & Bunka Blower
377 12/16/2017 Meet at friendship Jollibee Transport for bags available. Bring swimming gear. Please bring extra 0 pesos for fees. Bush Wanker
376. 11/25/2017 We shall all know on the day. Transport. A to B. K. Thief.
375 10/28/2017 2pm @ Premiere Hotel Joint BEACH with guys from the Pattaya Jungle Monkey Hash! Cost will be P500 per hasher but will include food and extra beers plus a couple of impromptu beer stops along the trail! Mouth To Mouth