Angeles Bushranger

100th BUSHRANGER 8/10/2019 Return to Coddiwomple At least one of these statements is true: Easy hike, no rain forecast, dry feet, one small hill, luxury transport and T-shirts available to celebrate the 100th BUSHRANGER! Egghead

Angeles City Sunday runs, ACH3

2137 7/21/2019 Go to Porac, from there travel 4 Km and turn right at "Sweet Crystals" sugar mill sign.Past the sugar mill turn left after expressway underpass. 500m to start area of run in small mango tree grove. Runs will be 5.5 and 6.5 Km approx.. On Home at BARBARINOS. dances with dogs and kuntstubble

Beach run, BEACH

396. 7/20/2019 Transport. Cost 100 pesos. Two trails, short 4Km,😘 and long about 7/8 Km.😍.. Two Bottles.

Full Moon run, FM