Angeles Bushranger

Angeles City Sunday runs, ACH3

2367 6/23/2024 Ernesto's Field, Porac. Turn right at the bridge in Porac. Go about 1km and then turn right 50 meters after the Water Station. Turn right after the houses. Follow the main dirt road towards the Cell Tower, after the chicken farm turn left into Ernesto's field. Turns will be marked. GPS: 15.08495, 120.52701 If required Jeepneys leave the Premiere Hotel at 2.30pm sharp. The On Home will be at the Premiere Hotel. One Medium trail which is approximately 5km long. The On Home is at the Premiere Hotel. Floppy Dick and Facilitator

Beach run, BEACH

448 6/29/2024 Emotions Bar Easy 5 KM trail. A to A. P250 per hasher. Trucka and unreliable co hare.

Full Moon run, FM