Full Moon Hash

Who: Mixed. Adult only. Short run with unlimited drinks.
When: Once every full moon
Price: Men 200 Peso, Women 150 Peso

Upcoming Full Moon Hash runs

Previous Full Moon Hash runs

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19 4/25/2013 Will start from the Brass Knob Bring a "torch" and enjoy a walk under the Full Moon on April 25th 2013 Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
24 11/15/2013 Margarita Station Bring a Torch & come enjoy a walk under the Full Moon !!!!!! Then enjoy some Cold Beers after the Walk !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
77 3/6/2018 Brass Knob ,Reg starts at 6pm Jeep departs 630 pm !!!!! Will be a base walk ( hopefully won't have to much trouble getting on base ) hahahaha Bring a torch of some kind , will need it on this trail !!!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke
10 5/8/2012 Margarita Station Bring your flashlight with you. Rusty Nail and Cherry God Father
#27 2/13/2014 Brass Knob Bring Your Sweetheart or Honey Ko for the Valentines Full Moon !!!!!!!!! Don't forget your Torch or Flash Lite. This is a night trail !!!!! You have to Come to the Full Moon hash to see where the Trail leads You !!!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.
08 6/5/2012 Junes Full Moon run will Start & Finish at the Brass Knob Bring your Torch/Flash Lite & Umbrella as were getting into the Rain Season & It has been Known to rain on the Full Moon Hashes !!! Bring some extra Cash to buy the Full Moon Vest for Only 500 peso!! "Buy A F.M. Vest when you Register & save 50 peso for 650 Peso!!!!!" Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
56 6/21/2016 Base run A to B Bring your umbrella and flash light, base run. The on Home will be at "Wild Boozer" .. Mini da Muncher new drinking hole. Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke
# 33 8/12/2014 Reg at Brass Knob starts at 6 pm and the Pack will leave at 630 pm !!!!! It will be an in Town Trail this Month !!! on Tue,Aug 12th Bring your Umbrella as it is the Rainy season !!!! The trail is an A to A trail !!! With the On Home Be back at the Brass Knob. Come & join in on a easy 4k walk !!!! Every one is welcome, Hahah See You all on Tue 12th Aug Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
Full Moon # 15 2/23/2013 Brass Knob Come & enjoy a short walk under a Full Moon & then enjoy a few Cold Ones with Fellow full Moon Hashers!!!!!! Can't beat Price !! hahahah rusty nail
9 6/7/2012 Margarita Station Friday July 6th Come & enjoy a slow walk & enjoy a few cold Ones at the finish!!!! rusty nail
#50 12/29/2015 Sign in at Brass Knob, starting at 6 pm ,the jeep will leave at 630 pm !!!! This Months Full Moon Walk will be On Clark & it will be an A to B !!!!!!!!! The start has not been set yet, nor has the finish !!!! Dec Full Moon Walk will be on Clark & it will be an A to B trail , approx 4 to 5 K !!!!!! Bring your Flash Lites, as there may be ares with no street lites !!!!! The jeep will lv from the Brass Knob at 630 & return aprox 8 pm !!!!!!! This #50 run for the Full Moon . hahahahaha rusty nail , Trucka Fucka
#25 12/17/2013 Brass Knob Dec Full Moon Will be on the Night of the Full Moon !!!!!! It will be on Tue Dec 17th !!!!!!!!! So Bring your Torches & come and enjoy a easy walk under the Dec Full Moon!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
40 3/3/2015 Reg is at the Brass Knob starting at 6PM , the Jeep will leave for Bi-Centennial Park.Picnic grounds on Clark at 630 PM !!!!! The Start will be at Bi-Centennial Park at the Covered Picnic Area !!!! On Clark !!!! It will be an A to A trail, approx about 4 1/2 K's !!!!!! Flat Walk !!!! Directions : Go thru the Friendship Gate , stay on the main road until you come to the Jolly Bee light , turn right and go straight on that street for approx 2 to 1/2 K !!!! You will pass the Mini Stop at the Sapang Boto St, then CDC , & then on your Right past CDC you will come to Bi-Centennial Park/Picnic Grounds !! There on the Main St you will find the Starting Powder !!!!! You will follow the Powder, & there will be Arrows on most of the Street Light Poles !!!! Any questions Ask Cherry God Father !!!!! hahahahah YOU WILL NEED A FLASH LIGHT !!!! As some areas are are not lighted !!!!! Come & enjoy a Flat walk on Clark under the full Moon ( all most full ) hahahah Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
23 10/25/2013 Margarita Station Due to 3 other hash Clubs having their Anniv. Runs in Oct !!!!! The Angeles Full Moon ( Sleepy Hallow Full Moon ) will be on Friday, 25th Oct !!!!! Still in the Rain Season so Come Prepared for the Weather !!! See U all Hashers On the Full Moon !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
#32 7/11/2014 Brass Knob Full Moon Hash Tonight from the Brass Knob !!!!!! Will be a On Base run !!!will leave B.K. at 630 pm return around 830 pm to the Brass Knob Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.
22 a 9/20/2013 Brass Knob Had a good turn out for the Aug Full Moon on the Friday the 23rd !!! So lets do it again on Friday, Sept 2oth at the Brass Knob !! Don't forget it is the Rainy Season , or getting to the end of it any way, so come prepared !!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
43 6/2/2015 Brass Knob reistration from 6pm leave 6.30pm In town run bring your flashlights and rain coats / umbrella we in the rainy season. Come and enjoy the exercise and a few drinks finger in the dyke
# 20 6/25/2013 Margerita Station Tue June 25th 2013 It's the Rainy season , bring an Umbrella or rain coat !!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 26 1/17/2014 Brass Knob Jan Sleepy Hallow Full Moon will be on Friday 17th Jan 2014 !!!!!! Starting from the Brass Knob !!!!!! Bring your Torches & Whistles, Bottle Openers !!!! hahah Don't be late , the pack leaves at 630 pm you might miss the start or the Jeep !!!!!!!! Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
66 4/11/2017 This months Full Moon Hash will be an On Base Walk !!!!!! Will return back to the Brass Knob for Beers and to relax after the Walk !!!!!! Bring your Torches , there may be some parts of the walk that you might need a lite !!!! Jeepney leaves BRASS KNOB sharp at 6.30 ... dont be late Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke