Full Moon Hash

Who: Mixed. Adult only. Short run with unlimited drinks.
When: Once every full moon
Price: Men 200 Peso, Women 150 Peso

Upcoming Full Moon Hash runs

Previous Full Moon Hash runs

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70 8/8/2017 Reg at the Brass Knob !!!!!! Should be a Base Walk , but that is still up in the Air !!!! Could be an A to A or A to B town walk !!!!! Keep checking in to see the changes if there is any !!!!!! hahahah My need or should I say I'm looking for a Co-hare since the Finger in the Dyke will be in the Land down Under for a month or so !!!!! I could us a Co Hare to keep me out of trouble or from getting over Zealous !!!!! hahahah It is the Rainy Season so Bring the Umbrella's and rain gear as required !!!! I do have the new Full Moon Shirts ,so for those who did not come last month can Purchase their shirts this month !!!! BUT I COULD ALL SO BE TRAVELING SO KEEP AN CLOSE EYE FOR UP DATES OR TO THE HASH RUMOR MILL !!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH Rusty Nail
#79 5/1/2018 Reg at the Brass Knob , jeep will leave at 630 pm Mays Full Moon Walk will be On Base !!!! Jeep will leave from the Brass Knob at 630pm !!!!!!!!!!! Don't know yet if it will be an A to A or an A to B walk yet !!!!! hahahaha Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke
#58 8/18/2016 Reg at the Brass knob , will dep at 630 pm !!!!!! Will return to the Brass knob for Beers !!!!!!!!!!!! This months Full Moon walk will be a local walk as to the numbers being low !!!! So bring your umbrella or rain coat as it could be a rainy evening !!!! hahahah See you at the Brass knob on the Aug 18th , Thur evening !!!!!! Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke
40 3/3/2015 Reg is at the Brass Knob starting at 6PM , the Jeep will leave for Bi-Centennial Park.Picnic grounds on Clark at 630 PM !!!!! The Start will be at Bi-Centennial Park at the Covered Picnic Area !!!! On Clark !!!! It will be an A to A trail, approx about 4 1/2 K's !!!!!! Flat Walk !!!! Directions : Go thru the Friendship Gate , stay on the main road until you come to the Jolly Bee light , turn right and go straight on that street for approx 2 to 1/2 K !!!! You will pass the Mini Stop at the Sapang Boto St, then CDC , & then on your Right past CDC you will come to Bi-Centennial Park/Picnic Grounds !! There on the Main St you will find the Starting Powder !!!!! You will follow the Powder, & there will be Arrows on most of the Street Light Poles !!!! Any questions Ask Cherry God Father !!!!! hahahahah YOU WILL NEED A FLASH LIGHT !!!! As some areas are are not lighted !!!!! Come & enjoy a Flat walk on Clark under the full Moon ( all most full ) hahahah Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 49 11/24/2015 Reg starts at the Brass Knob , the run will use a local Jeep , so bring 8 Peso to pay for the ride to the start !!!!!!!! Will have a Ghost Hare !!!!!!!!!!! hahahah The run is an in Town Run , but will have a Ghost Hare that will mark the Trail !!!!!!!!!! hahahaha come out & find out where the Nov Full Moon Goes too !!!!!!!!!! hahahah rusty nail
09 7/6/2012 Registration and On-Home at Margarita Station 6:00 PM RUSTY NAIL & CHERRY GOD FATHER
52 2/23/2016 Registration at Brass Knob from 6pm A to B run on Base jeepney leaves 6.30pm sharp ... dont be late bring your flashlight (torch) Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke
36 11/6/2014 Registration will be in BrassKnob at 6:00 pm, Run start at 6:30pm. Sleepy Hallow Full Moon will be on Thursday 6th of November 2014. Starting from the Brass Knob. Bring your Torches & Whistles, Bottle Openers. Enjoy the short walk and beers. On-On! Rusty-Nail and Cherry God Father
73 11/7/2017 Remarks: Run will be on base, A to B, mostly downhill, mostly brand new trail, mostly paved, but unlit, less than 4km total distance. I am hare. Location: Brass Knob Sign in at the Brass Knob starting at 6 pm & Walk starts at 630pm Paparazzi
#50 12/29/2015 Sign in at Brass Knob, starting at 6 pm ,the jeep will leave at 630 pm !!!! This Months Full Moon Walk will be On Clark & it will be an A to B !!!!!!!!! The start has not been set yet, nor has the finish !!!! Dec Full Moon Walk will be on Clark & it will be an A to B trail , approx 4 to 5 K !!!!!! Bring your Flash Lites, as there may be ares with no street lites !!!!! The jeep will lv from the Brass Knob at 630 & return aprox 8 pm !!!!!!! This #50 run for the Full Moon . hahahahaha rusty nail , Trucka Fucka
71 9/7/2017 Sign in at the Brass Knob starting at 6 pm & Walk starts at 630pm !!!! Since it's the Rainy Season this will be an A to A walk in local area !!!!! Bring your Umbrella and Gum Boots !!!! hahahah Come and enjoy a easy walk and some cold beer after the walk back at the Brass Knob !!!! Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke
48 10/27/2015 Sign on Brass Knob from 6pm On Base run A-B. Jeepney departs Brass Knob at 6.30pm. Bring your flashlight and umbrella Rusty Nail &Finger in the Dyke
# 78 4/3/2018 Sign up at the Brass Knob !!!!!!!!! Will Dept at 630 for the Full Moon Walk !!!!! This months Full Moon will be an Local Walk !!!!!!! So come & enjoy an evening & look at the Moon , if it's out early !!!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke
# 42 5/5/2015 Sign up at the Brass Knob starts at 1800hr (6 pm) !!!!!! Jeep leaves at 1830hr (630 pm ) The Run will start at the 7-Eleven at the Cross Road of the Riding Stables and Texas Inst. It is an A to A trail!!!!!!!!! May's "Full Moon Walk " will be located on Clark, at the Cross road of the Riding stables & 7 Eleven !!!!! So bring your Torched (Flash Lites ) as you will probably need to use them !!!!!! hahahaha over 50% of the trail or more is not lited by street lights!!!! The jeep Leaves from the Brass Knob at 1830hrs (630pm ) so be there before that time !!!! Come & enjoy an easy flat walk under the Full Moon & hv some cold beers after wards !!!!!! See you all on Tue 5th May !!!!! rusty nail
# 38 1/6/2015 Starts at the Brass Knob !!!! Sign starts at 6 pm & the Jeep leaves at 630 PM !!!! The 6th of Jan is a Tue !!!! This month Hash Walk will be on Clark, and it is an A to B walk !!!!! So if your Drive or Ride a Bike leave it at the Brass Knob!!!!!! The start is at the McDonald's out near the Pure Gold Duty free !!!! This Month's Full Moon Walk is about 4 + K !!!!!! You will need a Torch, most of the walk will not be under any lites !!!! So come & enjoy a walk under the 1st Full Moon of 2015 Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 47 9/29/2015 Starts at the Brass Knob on Tue 29th Sept !!!!!!!!! This months Full Moon Hash Walk will be an in town Walk !!!!!! Sept Full Moon Hash walk will be about 4 K's and should take less than a hour to walk the trail !!!!! Bring an Umbrella or lite rain coat as were still in the Rainy season !!!! hahahah We start at the Brass Knob & will Return back to the Brass Knob for a few Beers and Socialize for a couple hrs !!!!!! All Hashers are Welcome so come & enjoy a evening out with Friends & fellow hashers !!!!!!! rusty nail
29 4/15/2014 The Brass Knob Aprils Full Moon will be on Tue 15th April!!!!! the trail Location is still to be found , so you will have to come to see where it goes !!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.
11 8/31/2012 The start for Friday 31 Aug will be the Brass Knob. Wear your Sleepy Hallow Full Moon Jacket's & T-shirts !!!!!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 31 6/12/2014 The trail will start from the Brass Knob !!!!!!! The Full Moon is an A to A Trail !!!!!! Will be a local trail this month !!!! With July Full Moon being out on Clark !!!!! Come & enjoy a easy flat walk & then enjoy a a few cold ones with other Full Moon Hasher's !!!!!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.
# 44 6/30/2015 This is the 2nd Full Moon run of June!!! The Trail will be some place on Clark ??? Reg starts at 6 pm on Tue 30th June at the Brass Knob, the Jeep will leave at 630 pm to go on Base, then will return after the run!!!! As of now I have not decided if this Full Moon will be an A to A , or A to B trail !!!! hahahah Don't forget , we are in the Rainy season & going on base, so bring your Umbrella or Rain Coat , plus your Flash Lite / Torch , my not have much street lites !!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & ?????