Full Moon Hash

Who: Mixed. Adult only. Short run with unlimited drinks.
When: Once every full moon
Price: Men 200 Peso, Women 150 Peso

Upcoming Full Moon Hash runs

Previous Full Moon Hash runs

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82 8/7/2018 6 pm Brass Knob LEAVE 6.30. Town run bring your flash light and the rain gear .... maybe still a bit damp Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke
56 6/21/2016 Base run A to B Bring your umbrella and flash light, base run. The on Home will be at "Wild Boozer" .. Mini da Muncher new drinking hole. Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke
65 3/14/2017 Brass Knob March's Full Moon run will be a Local town walk !!! an A to A walk, will be a 4k walk give or take a few steps !!! Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke
60 10/18/2016 Brass Knob Town run .... possibly A to B ... will be determined on the day. Don't forget your flash light and umbrella ... still rainy season. Rusty Nail & Finger in the Dyke
41 4/14/2015 Brass Knob Rusty Nail & Truka Fucka
39 2/3/2015 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
#30 5/13/2014 Brass Knob Will be an on base Trail !!!!!!! Depart Brass Knob at 630 pm & will return back to the Brass Knob after the Run !!!! Location of the Start on Base is TBA at present time !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.
#27 2/13/2014 Brass Knob Bring Your Sweetheart or Honey Ko for the Valentines Full Moon !!!!!!!!! Don't forget your Torch or Flash Lite. This is a night trail !!!!! You have to Come to the Full Moon hash to see where the Trail leads You !!!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.
# 26 1/17/2014 Brass Knob Jan Sleepy Hallow Full Moon will be on Friday 17th Jan 2014 !!!!!! Starting from the Brass Knob !!!!!! Bring your Torches & Whistles, Bottle Openers !!!! hahah Don't be late , the pack leaves at 630 pm you might miss the start or the Jeep !!!!!!!! Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
#25 12/17/2013 Brass Knob Dec Full Moon Will be on the Night of the Full Moon !!!!!! It will be on Tue Dec 17th !!!!!!!!! So Bring your Torches & come and enjoy a easy walk under the Dec Full Moon!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
22 a 9/20/2013 Brass Knob Had a good turn out for the Aug Full Moon on the Friday the 23rd !!! So lets do it again on Friday, Sept 2oth at the Brass Knob !! Don't forget it is the Rainy Season , or getting to the end of it any way, so come prepared !!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
12 10/27/2012 Brass Knob There will be 3Beer Stop and please bring flash lights with you. About the weather if it is raining bad, it may move next week Thursday. 0n-0n! RUSTY NAIL & CHERRY GOD FATHER
011 9/29/2012 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
010 9/28/2012 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
x 9/28/2012 Brass Knob short circuit
# 84 1/2 10/18/2018 Brass Knob The 2nd Beach for Oct is part of the Off Station Monkey Weekend !!!!!! Will be a short town Walk!!!!! Then a few Beers at the Brass Knob after the walk !!!!!!! Need to bring a Flash Lite & Umbrella !!!!!!!! hahahaha Rusty Nail and Finger in the Dyke
81 7/3/2018 Brass Knob This months Full Moon walk could be a Base Walk or a Town walk !!!!!! It all depends on the weather & Transport !!!! But will leave the Brass Knob either way at 630 pm rusty nail & Finger in the Dyke
53 1/2 3/29/2016 Brass Knob The hash run that was scheduled for 22nd March has been changed to the 29th March Rusty Nail
# 46 8/27/2015 Brass Knob Will be a Walk on Clark , jeep will depart Brass Knob at 630 pm and will return back to the Brass Knob !!!!!! As we are in the Rainy Season , bring your Rain Coats & Umbrella's !!!!!! rusty nail & Trucka Fucker
#32 7/11/2014 Brass Knob Full Moon Hash Tonight from the Brass Knob !!!!!! Will be a On Base run !!!will leave B.K. at 630 pm return around 830 pm to the Brass Knob Rusty Nail & Cherry G.F.