Full Moon Hash

Who: Mixed. Adult only. Short run with unlimited drinks.
When: Once every full moon
Price: Men 200 Peso, Women 150 Peso

Upcoming Full Moon Hash runs

Previous Full Moon Hash runs

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Full Moon # 15 2/23/2013 Brass Knob Come & enjoy a short walk under a Full Moon & then enjoy a few Cold Ones with Fellow full Moon Hashers!!!!!! Can't beat Price !! hahahah rusty nail
#13 on Sat ,Dec 29th 2012 12/29/2012 Brass Knob !!!!!!! Be a shorter trail than normal ( by 1/2 K ) hahahah will be 3 beer stops as asked for !!!!! come & enjoy the Evening & meet your fellow Hashers for a few cold Beers!!!!Last Full Moon Hash of 2012 !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
13 11/27/2012 Margerita Station There will be 3 drink stops During the walk/run !!!!!! Drink stop is Pay as You Go !!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
12 10/27/2012 Brass Knob There will be 3Beer Stop and please bring flash lights with you. About the weather if it is raining bad, it may move next week Thursday. 0n-0n! RUSTY NAIL & CHERRY GOD FATHER
0010 9/29/2012 Brass Knob !!!!! Will be 2 or 3 Adult Drink Stops towards the end of the Trail!!!! So come & enjoy the Sleepy Hallow Full Moon on Sat 29th Sept 20012!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
011 9/29/2012 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
010 9/28/2012 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
x 9/28/2012 Brass Knob short circuit
11 8/31/2012 The start for Friday 31 Aug will be the Brass Knob. Wear your Sleepy Hallow Full Moon Jacket's & T-shirts !!!!!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
15 8/3/2012 MARGARITA STATION Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
09 7/6/2012 Registration and On-Home at Margarita Station 6:00 PM RUSTY NAIL & CHERRY GOD FATHER
9 6/7/2012 Margarita Station Friday July 6th Come & enjoy a slow walk & enjoy a few cold Ones at the finish!!!! rusty nail
08 6/5/2012 Junes Full Moon run will Start & Finish at the Brass Knob Bring your Torch/Flash Lite & Umbrella as were getting into the Rain Season & It has been Known to rain on the Full Moon Hashes !!! Bring some extra Cash to buy the Full Moon Vest for Only 500 peso!! "Buy A F.M. Vest when you Register & save 50 peso for 650 Peso!!!!!" Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
10 5/8/2012 Margarita Station Bring your flashlight with you. Rusty Nail and Cherry God Father