Angeles Bushranger Hash

Who: Strictly men only
When: 2nd Saturday every month
Price: 300 Peso (to cover transport and drinks)

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116. 2/13/2021 God knows, don't think he's sure himself😎😎 Hare changed from KTC to Eggheah, KTC was sick.😊 Don't forget Bushies..1pm...from Premiere. .Changed to Egghead.
120. 6/12/2021 Hahaha, if only..😁 Be prepared guys, could be a few Up's and Down's..πŸ₯ΆπŸ‘. Keep the Change & Merchant Wanker.
62. 6/4/2016 He's working on it, should be ready on the day Now, Single Malt on recent Bushes has had a propensity to veer off trail and head for Mrs Robinson's early, don't know why, but this one he will have to wait and go with the rest of us... Single Malt.
69. 1/7/2017 Hmm, let me see....... The hare from heaven or Hell.. Two Bottles.
73. Anniversary Run. 5/6/2017 Huh? Ya really think I'm going to tell... 6th Anniversary Run, beer will continue back at home base.. Two Bottles.
115. 1/9/2021 I don't have a Clue.🀣 Don't forget the early start time..1pm from Premiere.βœ”πŸ‘πŸ‘ Two bottles.
134 8/13/2022 In the hills around Angeles Given that many regular Bushranger hashers are currently away including our founder Two Bottles we are inviting anyone wanting to do the Bush in August to (as a one off) join the Corona hash this Saturday 13 August. PLEASE NOTE. DO NOT GO TO THE PREMIER. A VAN WILL LEAVE HARRIETTES RESTO BAR (CHECK GOOGLE MAPS) AT 1PM AND THEN FROM 1.30PM OPPOSITE THE RED PLANET HOTEL. Cost of the van 100 pesos and you can buy beer at the circle at 60 peso each. Keep the Change and Runisorass
97. 5/11/2019 In the infamous words of 2Bot. "Some point of Luzon"... Bring Water, it's Hot out there!.. Click on run No. for map to locate Mrs. Robinsons. Two Bottles.
51. 7/4/2015 In the infamous words of 2Bottles, "somewhere on Luzon".. Remarks? No remarks at this time, but Check Back.. Two Bottles.
106. 2/8/2020 Interesting, but not revealing.🎈 Something old, Something borrowed, Something new..πŸ₯“.. Keep the Change & Runisorass.
86.Note.. 2nd Saturday of the month. 6/9/2018 Into the realms of the unknown, the region of fear... or something like that lol. All Bushrangers are now the Second Saturday of each month. Soggy D/head.
128 3/19/2022 Jeep leaves Premiere at 1pm Hare Two Bottles. Very very easy for trail for some! Two Bottles
72 4/1/2017 Jeepney leaves from Mrs. Robinson's. To where? Only the hare knows, - hopefully! A to B. The best bush ever! Bush Wanker
129 4/16/2022 Jeepney leaves Premiere 1 o'clock. Keep the Change
124 11/13/2021 Jeepney leaves Premiere at 1 pm 5 k run, no hills, no wet feet, no run fees, free T-shirt, (All information subject to change) Scrotum
41 9/6/2014 Jeepney leaving 2pm from mrs Robinsons A to B more info later Men only bush dozer
53 9/5/2015 Jeepney will leave Mrs Robinson's, near the end of Raymond Street, which is the side street next to Phillies Sports Bar. Nancy Boy
127 2/26/2022 Leave Premiere at 1 pm Two Bottles
60. Anniversary Run 4/2/2016 Location-Location. No Idea.. This will be the Anniversary Run. Can you please text 2 Bottles on 09398278229 to let him know if you are coming, so he can get an idea of numbers.. 2 Bottles.
131 6/11/2022 Meet 1200 noon at Premiere Hotel for a 12:30pm departure MORPHINE MEMORIAL Jorge’s ashes will be scattered along the trail by his partner Vilma (Golden Shower) so this is a final send off for Morphine and your chance to run one last trail with him, honouring his hash achievements. The first 40 finishers will receive a FREE Morphine Memorial Tshirt. No run fees, as this is a sponsored event. Bushranger trails are A to B and have no short option. Men and Ladies welcome. Egghead, Golden Shower & Super Glue

The Hash House Harrier is a social hiking/running club. Angeles City is the home of 3 hash clubs, the traditional Angeles City Hash ACH3, the Beach and the new Angeles Bushranger Hash ABH3. The Beach and the Bushranger Hash are for men only. Generally the events take place in the spectacular countryside around Angeles City.