Sunday Run/Hike

Who: Strictly Men Only
When: Once a Month - Determined by Hare
Price: Determined by Hare on the day (to cover transport and drinks)

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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316 12/12/2012 12-12-12 run. On On Two Bottles
314 10/16/2012 2 Bottles
313 9/15/2012 Panzer + S & M Man
308 3/24/2012 2 Bottles
302 10/29/2011 Deeo Throat + 2 Bottles
301 9/27/2011 Pussy Licker
296 4/12/2011 Single Malt
375 10/28/2017 2pm @ Premiere Hotel Joint BEACH with guys from the Pattaya Jungle Monkey Hash! Cost will be P500 per hasher but will include food and extra beers plus a couple of impromptu beer stops along the trail! Mouth To Mouth
367 3/25/2017 2PM at Niagara! 5KM walkers! 8KM runners! Shitty trails! Shaded on home (NO swimming pool)! Seated circle! Men only! P200 per hasher! Vehicle will bring your bags from A to B Proposition and Wild Wolf!
392 3/30/2019 3 PM leaves Premier Hotel A medium and short trail ( A to b ).Transport for bags to on home provided. Hares want to get down and dirty. Honey Dew & Vlad The Impaler
419 2/26/2022 3 PM start at Maxies Restobar just down from Valdes Store. Those with cars know where to park as you know where we will end up. Not a hard trail probably about 5 KMS. kaput & Trucka & Honeydew
423 6/25/2022 3 PM start Emotions Bar 5KM trail and 3 KM trail. 200 PHP per hasher. Enjoy. Bangka Blower & Trucka
395 6/29/2019 3 PM Start from Niagara Short is about 3 KMS. Long will be longer, about 5.5 kms. transport for bags to luxurious on home provided.Dry feet if no rain. If rain wet everything. Kaput & Trucka
420 3/26/2022 3 PM start from Premier Hotel. There will be transport for your backpacks to the on home A to B run Easy 5 km run through the scenic sights of Angeles City. Some delicious street food on the trail if hungry. Trucka
434 4/22/2023 3 PM Thi Hi Bar near Hangout Bar. It will be easy run with 3 drink stops. trail A to A easy 5 KMS. 250 Pecos per hasher. Trucka & Honeydew
410 6/26/2021 3pm at Premiere Hotel No trail | no running | this is a walking bar hop | follow the hare from bar to bar | P300 bar hop fees Proposition & Wild Wolf
412. 8/21/2021 3pm from Jamera hotel opposite the Premiere. No run fee. Short town run, the hares will be there to let people know where the on home will be. Please bring your England shirt if you have to wear at the on home in Memory of John.😐😐 Keep the change and helper.
360 8/27/2016 3pm Niagara 5 to 6 km run. No fee to Hares.EDIT!, if driving park near Premiere, bags will be transported to On-Home. Pool and shower. Men only. Suso and Runisorass
406 1/23/2021 A to A from Premier Hotel Bring you Scamdemic gear. More info to follow. Padi Pacquiao & Trucka
364 12/2/2016 Ambassador Suites, Flora Street, Malabanias (go to traffic lights nr Checkpoint, turn down heading away from SM Clark, approx 100m along take right turn opposite Tiger Hotel then take the 2nd road on left - this is FLORA STREET and Ambassador Suites is the large white building on the right. Just 5 days to go until the greatest ACH3 BEACH Hash ever gets underway and with 65 paid registrants, it's set to be a hash-tastic day of fun! T-shirts have been ordered and wearing of them is an essential part of the activities. Anyone that does not wish to carry around the shirt they arrive in can leave it behind in a plastic bag with your name on and we'll redistribute on Sunday's run. Registration will be open from 11:45 with proceedings starting at 12:15…SHARP! If you are running late or cannot make the registration, please arrange for someone else to pick up your shirt on your behalf as we will not be carrying them around with us. Anyone wishing to attend who has not paid, please contact me before Thursday 1st December. Registration on the day WILL NOT be possible. On On Deep Throat (0928 3628 136) Deep Throat