Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 300 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

The APGU Meeting Notes

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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1672 8/22/2010 Porac Underpass
1671 8/15/2010 Gate 14, Base
1670 8/8/2010 Sacobia Bridge
1669 8/1/2010 Porac
1668 7/28/2010 Clark Bicentennial Park
1667 7/18/2010 Nr Villa Maria
1666 7/11/2010 Cuayan Expressway Underpass
1665 7/4/2010 Old Friendship Gate to Hensonville Plaza
1664 6/27/2010 Sapang Bato to Sapang Bato Cemetery
1663 6/20/2010 Cement Factory, Friendship
1662 6/13/2010 Bridge to Nowhere
1661 6/6/2010 Road to Mainang
1660 5/30/2010 Bridge To Nowhere to Near Bridge To Nowhere
1659 5/23/2010 Car Park Past True North
1658 5/16/2010 Lourdes Shrine Ban Ban
1765 6/3/2012 Old railway beside La Pieta Memorial Park. Directions: Follow Mc. Arthur Highway towards San Fernando. 2.3 km past the Abacan bridge turn left immediately after La Pieta. Drive 600 m along old railway trail. A to A run. Panzer + S & M Man
2027. 6/11/2017 Sapang Bato. Vacant block on left, just before the cemetery. from sapang bato gate, go 1.1km and turn left up the hill follow road to before cemetery. Medium run 7km and Short run 5km dry feet unless rain. Click on Run No. for map. Meatless + Fuckawallaby & Guardian angel.
1851 1/26/2014 Take Villa Maria road from Porac Town. Run Site is 6.3kms from the bridge over the Porac river and 3.5kms from the Villa Maria underpass. Take a right the other side of underpass. Bush Diver's vehicle will be parked at start. 6.8kms. A few streams. A hill. A ridge. A bit of concrete. Single Malt & Bush Diver
1821. 6/30/2013 UPDATE! at 8.00am Sunday, Because of the weather, today's run is changed,New Details-- Start, Same as last week, opposite McDonald's on-Base.there will be NO more changes. On-Home Margarita. Bakla Banger and morphine.
1733 10/23/2011 Exit at Porac interchange. The usual "U "turn. Through the first underpass, continue on for app. 500m park under the tree's on left side. The Run is A to A. there will be a split on trail, short and long. Any Question? txt Morf. -09212504250 Saput & Morphine