Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2067

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Time: 3 o'clock

Location: Under bridge to nowhere. 5 km and 7 km. On home Premiere


Hare: Vlad the impaler and honey dew

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

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Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2067 3/18/2018 Under bridge to nowhere. 5 km and 7 km. On home Premiere Vlad the impaler and honey dew

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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1991 10/2/2016 Xevera Mabalacat Drive on Macarthur hwy towards Bamban when you pass under Subic-clk-Tarlac express way about 1 klm turn left into Xevera Housing complex take the first turn on your left Kabayan dr follow to the end then turn right for about 400 meters then left look for rex,s white car will mark chalk on crns click on run number for map lost in subic and Runisorass
1874 7/4/2014 West area Prepare yourself,you are about to join a great adventure two bottles and sirena
1766 6/10/2012 Waste ground opposite entrance to Paradise Ranch on Base. On home Margarita Station. Bum Steer & Sodermiser
1921. 5/31/2015 Villa Maria. At Porac turn right over the bridge,continue on that road, though the SCTEX underpass, stay on concrete for another 3/4Km, will be marks in Villa Maria to start. Short/Medium run, hilly, very scenic. On-home Niagara. Two bottles and Sirena.
1758 4/15/2012 Villa Maria underpass. Dances with Dogs & Lowerprofile
1839 11/3/2013 Villa Maria Underpass near Porac Lovely countryside. Mouse and TBA
1681 10/24/2010 Villa Maria (Porac) U/pass
1821. 6/30/2013 UPDATE! at 8.00am Sunday, Because of the weather, today's run is changed,New Details-- Start, Same as last week, opposite McDonald's on-Base.there will be NO more changes. On-Home Margarita. Bakla Banger and morphine.
2035. 8/6/2017 Under bridge to Nowhere. Take 1st turning on left after bridge, keep going left to under bridge, past the squatter area and down to riverside. Short 5Km. long 7Km. On-Home Premiere. Induces and Helpers.
1699 2/27/2011 True North
2061 AGPU run 2/4/2018 Transport leaves Premiere Hotel at 15:00. Location is at San Martin. Go over the bridge to Nowhere, turn left at the T-jct, go through the Aeta village (very slowly pls) and park at the top after the village. Start and On Home will be at San Martin. Two trails, but they will not be marked at start, so wait for the hares. There will be a T-shirt and free food at the On Home in San Martin. Fees: 650 for men, 350 for ladies and 200 for kids. A special thank you to our sponsors: The Ambassador Suites, NT Realty and Barbarinos. Supot & Proposition
1918 5/10/2015 Transport at Premier Hotel 3pm. Run start is almost the same as last week, but keep going past the gate where last weeks circle was and continue about 1km until the major split. At the split go straight and keep the woods on your right, parking off to the right in the woods. Look for Pajero. Long is 6k+, 2 hills, a bit of a challenge. Short is about 4.5, 1 hill. With the rain will probably be wet feet. On Home Charlies on the Bend. Filipina Logic, Run Forrest Run, soggy butt
2018 4/9/2017 Trails start almost at the end of Mainang road. Marks from McArthur highway. Short and shorter trails. On home Niagara Sirena & Filippina Logic
1981 7/24/2016 Trail starts at the Agricultural College Helipad on the top of the hill in SanVicente drive trough the base over the bridge to nowhere follow the main rd until you get to T junction turn right follow the road till first road on the left side then up to the top of the hill at the T junction turn right about one hundred meters on the right is the start not sure how long yet /// ON home is at Niagara lost in subic + Marbles
1928. 7/19/2015 Town run, The hare has been out yesterday and Today, but it's so wet and muddy it will have to be a in town run this week.. On-Home Niagara. 2 Bottles.
1993 10/16/2016 Town run Premiere We have decided to do a town run from the Premiere because the weather is not forecast to be better by the time of the hash run. A to A on home premiere Floppy Dick & Cujo
1847. 12/29/2013 Through Magalang, then usual left then right turns, at the roundabout(ag.College)bear left, continue on past the Rehab centre,past the archway Brgy Sto. Nino,then look for HHH sign and calsamite marks Two trails short and medium. On-Home Pondarosa, Mt View.Pool at the Hotel if you want to Swim.For directions to Start, click on run No.The Run Start has Changed slightly, Check map... Wrong Way & Long Time Coming.
2006. 1/15/2017 Through Friendship and go past the cement plant, through the overpass. Take the 2nd road on the left (the new cement road), go over the bridge. Just before the entrance to Deca Homes is a dirt road on the left. Start point is at the end of the road. Gps Co-ordinates UTM 51P 0235894 1677937. Nice leisurely sunday afternoon hash run. On-Home Premiere. Click on Run No. for map. Smack my arse & Banka Blower.
1789 11/18/2012 This is the Off Station Run to Subic (Barrio Brettio ) The Bus will Depart from Marg.Station at 1 PM Sharp. The run Location is 8.6 K from Johannson in Brettio.Go thru Subic & stay on the Main Hi-way go West About 4 Ks!!You come Purok 4 & the Gala Aeta Resettlement Area Road on the Right (which there is a big brite yellow sign for Purok 4) Follow the Hash Marks about 2& 1/2 K's on the road. You will see the Hash Marks where the run starts on the road!!!! Will have a small 24 or 26 seat A/C Bus that will go From Marg. Station to the run location. Will dept at 1 PM Sunday 18th Nov & will return Aprox 10 PM same day. The Circle & On Home will be at Johan's on Baloy Beach , Brettio !!!! The Run will start Aprox 230 pm & will be 6 + K's or so long. There will be drinks at the end of the run. Will depart at 430pm to Baloy Beach Johan's for the Circle & On Home !!!! Price for the Transport will be 200 Peso R/T per person , added to the normal run fee when you sign in on the 18th Nov!!! If you don't want to pay the Fee , make your own way or get a ride with some one going that way!!!! There will be at least one cooler on the bus for the return trip !!! If you don't ride the Bus down don't expect to ride the Bus back, Contact The Sapot for more info about the Bus or Rusty Nail rusty nail & 2 Bottles
2053 12/10/2017 The sunday hash will be under the SCTEX past Cuayan. Go under the flyover and turn immediately right. Follow the track for a third of a kilometer to get to the circle location. To see map, click on run number 3 trails, cripples 3 plus km easy trail. Medium 5 plus km, long trail 7 plus with hills and water. Socks recommended for the long trail. On home is Premiere Hotel See More Stains & Master Bates