Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2059

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM from Premiere

Location: Mango Trees on Base. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at the T jcn., past rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, take left turn at end of long wall, follow track for about 1 km to mango trees. (Map to follow)

Remarks: Short trail about 5km, medium trail about 7.5km, both dry feet & suitable for all ages*. On Home Premiere. A Snatch-Licker production. Don't get too attached to that trophy DwD. (*20-25)

Hare: Patch Snatch & Pussy Licker

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

The ACH3 AGM will take place Saturday 27th of January at 15:00 in Niagara. Proposals for the meeting should be e-mailed or Private Messaged to the Hon Sec at the latest on the 19th of January so they can be included in the agenda. The proposed agenda will be published one week before the meeting.


Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2059 1/21/2018 Mango Trees on Base. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at the T jcn., past rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, take left turn at end of long wall, follow track for about 1 km to mango trees. (Map to follow) Short trail about 5km, medium trail about 7.5km, both dry feet & suitable for all ages*. On Home Premiere. A Snatch-Licker production. Don't get too attached to that trophy DwD. (*20-25) Patch Snatch & Pussy Licker

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2017 4/2/2017 San Martin, Santa Rosa. Go over the Bridge to Nowhere (Sacobia bridge),turn left at T-junction, go through village and continue further than what we normally do. Length of run: TBA On home: Premiere! Bush Diver
2008 1/29/2017 Porac Bngy Jaling Take Angeles-Porac Rd to Porac. Continue on straight past the bridge then turn leftfor 1 block then turn right to Jaling school, turn right to the river and cross the bridge .... been there many times ... 1 run approx 7kms. On home Premier Hotel Bush Diver
1984 8/14/2016 Take the road to Magalang continue to Pampanga State Agricultural College. Then left and continue 500 meters. Turn right following the signs to Orissa Wellness Center. Park along side that road. Trail starts at Stations of the Cross and ends at the top of Mt Arayat. Trail is permanently marked with yellow paint. It takes 4-5 hours to go to the summit and return. Therefore if you want to hike to the top you must start early and provide your own transportation. If you take the jeep at 3:00 you can hike 3/4 to 1 hour and then turn around and return to the start. If you arrive at the normal time do not try to go all the way to the top because you will be coming back in the dark. On home Barbarinos Bush Diver
1966 4/10/2016 San Vicente helicopter pad on Base. Go to the north end of the Base exiting at Sacobia bridge. Cross the bridge and go to the T junction. Turn right and then after about 500 metres turn left by the Jeepney stop. At top of the hill turn right to run site. On home Premiere hotel. Bush Diver
1945 11/15/2015 Sapang Bato Cemetery - through Sapang Bato village. Been there many times before turn left go past the school up the hill. Parking in open field next to cemetery. On Home - Premier Hotel Bush Diver & Hand Brake
1868 5/25/2014 Brgy Jalung, Porac - Take Angeles-Porac road to Porac proper. At the main intersection continue driving straight. The highway will change to a small street. Turn left at the next intersection & continue to the next street. Turn right & continue to Jalung school. Turn right and go to the bottom of the hill by the river. Cross the river via the small bridge to reach the start of the trail. Click on Run No. for map to start. Trail will pass waterfalls which is one of the most picturesque locations in Pampanga. On home Margarita Station. Bush Diver & Hand Brake
1922 6/7/2015 Baliti - Mt Arayat area - Take Angeles Magalang Rd (past Marquee Mall) to Magalang. Turn right at Jolly Bee and continue 2.8kms. Then turn left on that road 2.4kms. Passing the village of Baliti. Turn left just before the bridge. Continue to the run site. Park along the road just past Gintung Pakpak Ecopark. on home Marble Inn (on road leading to Swagman Hotel) Bush Diver & Handbrake
1845 12/15/2013 over the bridge to nowhere. Carry on to the first junction. Turn right,drive for 200m. Park near the church. Run approx. 6k. Nice views. On home Margarita. Bush Wanker & Carabao Licker
1899 12/28/2014 Ag College. Helicopter Pad Over bridge to nowhere, turn right at junction.Turn left opposite church. At top of hill turn right A to A On home Premier Hotel Bushwanker and Carabao Licker
1723 8/14/2011 Mt. Arayat Click the Run No. to see Wrongway's Map. Carabao Licker
2028 6/18/2017 Cauayan - Go South on Friendship hwy, Turn west at the police station, through Cauayan. and Manuali, under the expressway and go another 300 meters to the truck parking area. A to A run. One short difficult section which I may have to drop if it's muddy. Otherwise your normal flat Cauayan run. Probably wet feet unless we are lucky. On On Premiere. cujo
1912 3/29/2015 Past Deca wake board park. Starts at the basketball court behind the houses all the way at the end. See Google earth image. Pretty easy. Long 7 km go right at fence. shortcut 4.5 km go left. Don't follow old white paper from Beach run. Will mark with red and yellow paper, toilet paper and calcimite. cujo
1838 10/27/2013 Kalangitan landfill area - 1.5 km off the dap dap road to the north Go past Bamban about 3.5 km on Macarthur hwy. Turn left at the 7-11 going towards DapDap about 5 km. Go past the turn to dapdap and turn right {after the cemetery on the left} going towards the landfill. It will be marked here with calcimite. about 6 Km, Difficuty: 6.5 out of 10. Wet feet unless you are an Olympic long jumper. Great scenery and fragrant smell from the nearby garbage dump :) See Maps by clicking the run number. cujo
1778 9/2/2012 Cauayan. On the friendship Highway turn west at the Police station near Timog Park, go to the end of that road (About 2 km) until the dike and turn left. Go 1.5 km to the start at a Y in the road. Before I had two trails: No more. About 6.7 km mostly easy with some bad brush in places. cujo
1764 5/27/2012 Mainang road. - Follow Mcarthur Hwy North out of Angeles, about 12km. Past the Mabalacat Gate, Go over the big bridge over the Bamban river, then 1.2 more km to the Mainang road - A steep left uphill turn across the street from the Rolling Hills Hardware store. Go 2.8 Km from Mcarthur Highway to an open area/ unplanted rice paddy on the left side (look for Cujo and nancy Boy's Cars - 4runner snd pajero) A-A run, 2 medium hills, medium length, a little more than average difficulty with some climbing over boulders cujo
1999P 12/3/2016 Clark Adventure Park. Go over Sacobia bridge (Bridge to nowhere) take first left and follow signs to Adventure park. Jeepneys leave Premiere Hotel at 14:00. ACH3 2000th run Pre Lube. 7.3 and 5.4 km trails. Maybe wet feet on longer trail. On home Premiere. Cujo
1727 9/11/2011 Sacobia, Bridge To Nowhere area A >>> A Cujo
1713 6/5/2011 TBA Cujo
1722 8/7/2011 TBA Cujo + Kaputt
1976 6/19/2016 Cuayan near Dragon fruit plantation From Friendhip highway turn west at Cuayan. At water tower turn right 300 m. then cross river ford to the left. Up hill about 500 meters. See Google Earth picture. Alternate route through Anunas town if you don't want to risk the sand in the river bed That way won't be marked). Currently dry and recently maintained river ford. Easy short trail 6.4 km, but if you have weak ankles and don't like bush bashing, rocks etc., may want to shortcut and do the boring way 5 km - will be marked. Easy long trail I think but will find that on Sunday at last minute. On On Premiere. cujo and Answer Do