Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2106

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Time: 14:00 from Premiere

Location: Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue to field on "hill".

Remarks: Short trail is 5,5 km. Medium trail is 7,5 km

Hare: Vendor Bender & Susu

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 300 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

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Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2106 12/16/2018 Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue to field on "hill". Short trail is 5,5 km. Medium trail is 7,5 km Vendor Bender & Susu

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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1972 5/22/2016 Bamban, Left turn up the mainang rd.follow that for 1.5Km, start is on left side by a small nipa hut, with parking space. Three trails, one short 3Km, one longer, and one false trail. Don't start before hares arrive. bring flashlight if you want to see inside japanese cave, and if so go in with partner. On-Home Niagara. Note, Fruit tree's along the trail, please no picking.. 2bottles & Sirena.
2034. 7/30/2017 Sapang Bato. Not the usual place, but on the road in front of the cemetery, So go past where we always park, and left by the grave headstones. Short run 5Km. medium one longer... On-Home Niagara. Click on run No. for map. 2Bottles & Sirena.
1718 7/10/2011 Agricollage area near San Vicente A to A Answer Do + Mother Duck
Baguio 2/13/2016 Baguio
1785 10/21/2012 On Base, Car park opposite McDonalds. A to A. on-home Margarita. bakla banga & Smack my Arse
1743 1/1/2012 Local from Margarita Station No Transport. A >>> ??? Bakla Banger
1742 12/25/2011 Local run starting and finishing at Margarita Station A >>> A Not a candy run Bakla Banger
1846. 12/22/2013 AcH3 Christmas run, local, no transport, bring candy for the kids. Do the Run, and find where the Beer is!! Bakla Banger & Morf.
1756 4/1/2012 San Martin. over the bridge to nowhere, left at the "T" junction, go through the village to the top of the hill, park on the left side so as not to block the road and view,aim to be there around 3.40pm. April Fools day Run.Live hares,Short and longer Trails, Go straight across at the river, then right for short and left for longer, walkers away 5 minutes after hares leave, runners 10 minutes after walkers, bring candy ete for the Aeta's Bakla Banger & Morphine
1784 10/14/2012 Dinosaur Park on Base. Bakla Banger & Smack my Arse
1739 12/4/2011 Dirt road across from checkpoint on Bridge to Nowhere. A >>>>>>> B Remember registration at Margarita Station. Bakla Banger & Smack My Arse
1821. 6/30/2013 UPDATE! at 8.00am Sunday, Because of the weather, today's run is changed,New Details-- Start, Same as last week, opposite McDonald's on-Base.there will be NO more changes. On-Home Margarita. Bakla Banger and morphine.
1938. 9/27/2015 Cuayan. Go right at Police station, corner of Friendship Highway/Poinsettia Avenue. Continue to T, left turn and follow the dike. Stay on the main dirt road through the little village(Manuali) another 500m. turn right, continue on, then there is another right turn to go down under bridge, IF you have a car, and don't feel comfortable going down, just leave your car at the top and walk down. Short and Medium Trails, Medium is 6.5Km,the short is, Err, shorter...little bit of moisture under foot. On-Home Premiere. Bananitas+Mother Duck+Answer Do+Golden Shower.
2036 8/13/2017 Go over the Bridge to Nowhere. Turn right at the t-junction. Turn left at the t-juncton leading past the crushing plant. Take first right before the village and follow the dirt road approximately 3.5km until just past the Negrito village. Park in large lot on the right, Marked with powder all the way. Three trails. Cripples. 4km,Medium 6.2km Long. 9km plus. Wet feet on medium and long runs. Flat trails suitable for all weather. 600meters from finish a farm will provide free produce for all girls courtesy of hares. Hint: No need to forage, girls. Click on Run No. for Map. On Home is at Moon's Bar in Diamond Subdivision. Boom Boom Moses and helpersThree
2066 3/11/2018 Anunas. Go straight at Friendship gate, (as going to Margot) At the cement factory turn left, go over the river bridge then first right, continue on for 250m then right again. Continue 500m, parking at right. Turns will be marked. (Click on run number for map) Fabulous trails!! Dry feet. Short trail 4km. Long trail 7+km. On Home Premiere. Bum Steer & Deaf Cunt
1766 6/10/2012 Waste ground opposite entrance to Paradise Ranch on Base. On home Margarita Station. Bum Steer & Sodermiser
1889 10/19/2014 Cauyan/Manuli Underpass on Tollway. Go out Perimeter Road to Friendship Highway. Turn left, proceed to Police Station/Enclave intersection. Turn Right. Thru Cauyan to dike road. Left. Follow to underpass. . A-A Short Run WILL BE 4.5K couple of hills, Medium Run 7.5K one more hill Maybe able to avoid wet feet, depends on weather. On Home at Premiere Hotel, Malabanias St Bumsteer
1962 3/13/2016 Sunday's run is set in a beautiful and tranquil part of the Philippine countryside - Probably the best run in the world! Go over the "Bridge to nowhere", turn left at T-junction, drive SLOWLY through the Aeta village to San Martin. Park at usual location above Randy's farm. Take your time to enjoy the lovely scenery! Click on run number to preview parts of trail! Bring your swimsuits (not necessary for girls). Walkers trail 4.8 km. Runners trail 7.5 km. You might want to bring change of footwear. On home Premiere hotel. Bumsteer & (Vendor Bender)
1990 9/25/2016 Over the "Bridge to Nowhere", right at T-junction. Stop at bottom of hill where the road goes up to the left. About 6km. On home: Barbarinos, Zeppelin Street. BumSteer & Bloody Fairy
2098 10/21/2018 Floridablanca Take the express way to Floridablanca .. as soon as you pass the toll booth park on the right side of the road. trail starts here. On Home at Premier Hotel Bush Diver