ACH3's Annual Anniversary Run will be on 26th May.


All adult participants will receive a meal and a T-shirt. Children aged 11 to 18 will also receive a meal but no T-shirt. Any vegetarians attending can get a vegetarian option for the dinner but please let us know in advance. The food and on home will be at the Premiere Hotel.


Up to 18th May, the cost for the run will be P1,100 for men, P900 for women and P200 for children aged 11 to 18. Children under the age of 11 will be free. From 19th May, the cost will rise to P1,200 for men, P1,000 for women and P200 for children aged 11 to 18. Registrations will be open from Sunday, 21st April.  Visitors wishing to pre-pay can contact Sunshine (see below) to pay by GCash.   People showing up on the day (or paying after the 18th) could have limited meal options.


The run is part of a week of hashing comprising:

Wednesday, 22nd May: `Angeles Bar Hop. Valhalla, Geckos, Lollipop, La Bamba, Masquerade. Men Only. Buy Your Own event.

Thursday, 23rd May, Full Moon Run. Mixed. Relatively sedate. Drinks at on-home (site TBD) and food will be available for order.

Saturday, 25th May. Ladies Bushranger outstation run in Subic. P600 covers drinks and transport but not food. Food should be available for order after the run. Leave Premiere at 9.00 am. Ladies only.  Please notify us in advance (details below) to help with transport.

Saturday 25th May, BEACH Run. Men Only. Town run with a barhop after the circle. Details to follow...

Sunday 26th May. Anniversary Run. Jeepneys leave Premiere at 2.30 pm sharp. Mixed. Trail is unknown at this point but will be between 5-8k (at most) Possibly with a cripple option. At the on home will be beverages and the food.

We also hope to arrange a men only Bushranger run during the week. This would be a 'Big Boy' run, normally more challenging. Length unknown but up to 10k. A to B.


Please contact Sunshine for pre-payment on GCash up to 18th May which guarantees your shirt size and meal choice.  Contact details are:

John Dawlings on Facebook for e-mail

0999 555 5864 for text message or WhatsApp.


Look forward to seeing you all there.


Sunshine and Soggy Butt.