Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 300 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso

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1812. 4/28/2013 Take Sctex to Florida Blanca Interchange, Exit there, then on for 2.5km, than it's a right turn,it will be marked. Two Trails, long/short, On-Home Margarita. Wrong Way and Carabao Licker.
1773 7/29/2012 Exit the Sctex at florida Blanca, travel on for about 2+km then it's a right turn to go back under the bridge, the turn will be marked and any turns on that track will be marked.. On-Home Margarita. Two trails, short & medium.. Wrong way & Nancy boy.
1755 3/25/2012 Floridablanca. SCTEX to floridablanca exit, continue on for 1.5km+. right turn will be marked with powder, road goes back under expressway bridge. A to A. On-home- Strawberry Fields. There's a swimming hole, bring your bathers Wrong Way & Nancy Boy
1878. 8/3/2014 Deca Water park. Going from friendship gate to Margot, left turn after the expressway underpass. A to A. Long and short trails. On-Home. Ponderosa hotel. Mountain View. Wrong Way & Long Time Coming.
1847. 12/29/2013 Through Magalang, then usual left then right turns, at the roundabout(ag.College)bear left, continue on past the Rehab centre,past the archway Brgy Sto. Nino,then look for HHH sign and calsamite marks Two trails short and medium. On-Home Pondarosa, Mt View.Pool at the Hotel if you want to Swim.For directions to Start, click on run No.The Run Start has Changed slightly, Check map... Wrong Way & Long Time Coming.
1797 1/13/2013 From Marquee Mall travel 4kms towards Magalang. At Purok 1 turn right to Pandacaqui. (It will be marked by calcimite Powder). Keep going until you pass a bridge and turn left at a duel carriageway divided road. Continue until you see the Good Shepherd Parish on your right. Turn left on duel carriageway where there will be a sign to Arayat. Travel along the road until you get to a trike terminal on the Magalang / Mexico road. From Purok 1 to trikes about 8/9kms. Turn right here to drive 2kms to Crystal Gas Station. Turn left at the gas station and drive about 6kms to Gatiawin Elementary School where you turn left towards Lagmit Barangay Hall. (There will be a HHH sign and powder on the road). Drive passed the Hall, turn 1st right, then over a small bridge then turn left. Follow road to end of concrete. You will drive on a dirt road for 1km then its over rocky and rough stuff for 25 metres. It is passable for a normal car. The hares red pickup will be nearby to the left. 3 Trails. Speed impaired, medium and runners trails. On on home at Ponderosa Hotel. Wrong Way & Cabbage Patch
1788 11/11/2012 Exit the Sctex at florida Blanca, travel on for about 2+km then it's a right turn to go back under the bridge, the turn will be marked and any turns on that track will be marked.. Two trails, normal and short. On-Home- Josefaville,Subd. Hensonville. around pool area.. Wrong Way & Bumsteer.
1941D 10/17/2015 Because of Typhoon Koppu no out of town run today SUNDAY! /Vendor Bender Town walk from Premiere instead (if you don't mind beeing wet) (The date is wrong - I know - But I couldn't get this information to publish before Soggy Butts run info otherwise) Who knows?
1793 12/16/2012 Ag. college. San Vicenti,same as last week, only just a little father down the road. A to A. medium run, on-Home Margarita.. Weak Shaft and Bum Steer
1744 1/8/2012 Baliti Pond, Mt Arayat. Drive to Magalang. At Magalang town turn right at gas station. Approx 2.5kms take a left at the trike terminal. Drive another 2.5 and take the left turn. Do not go straight at this junction. If you cross bridge at the stream you have gone to far. Carry on to Baliti Pond. A >> A. Make sure the front seat jeepney passengers know where they are going. It would nice if our private vehicle drivers timed their arrival to coincide with the jeeps so that everyone could start together like wot we used to do. Bloody hell I just saw a pig flying over Manuela Compound. Weak Shaft & Single Malt
1861 4/6/2014 A TO A, Across the Bridge to Nowhere Crime scene near San Vicente Agricultural College Look for White powder for start. Not your usual suspect of a Trail. Rolling hills, sand , water, and dust. Many children on the trail bring candy. 7K for runners and walkers. 3K for cripples, More or less ON ON. On Home Brass Knob Weak Shaft & Kaput
1908 3/1/2015 Sapang Bato Long and Medium. Start across from cemetery. On home to be determined. Weak Shaft & Cody
1807 3/24/2013 Make your own way to Friendship to Police Station 5/Enclave turn right through barrio then left at water tower approximate 5k to expressway tunnel. Look for marks or hare vehicle for start. A to A Run will be 8k more or less, some hills and water. An easy stroll through the park. Also a short run! ON-HOME AT BRASS KNOP Weak Shaft
1750 2/19/2012 Clark Fuel Depot. Drive past CSEZ Immigration building. Keep going straight at Sapang Bato turn off. Depot is to left and well sign posted. If you go past Bi-Centennial Park you have gone to far. A--A. 8kms. Hills. Weak & Cujo
2067 3/18/2018 Under bridge to nowhere. 5 km and 7 km. On home Premiere Vlad the impaler and honey dew
1903 1/18/2015 Cuayan. Go West at Police station, corner of Friendship Highway/Poinsettia Avenue. Continue to water tower and follow the dike. Calcemine marks will guide you to start of run. Click on run number to see Google map of route to start. A to A. 2 splits will give you a choice of medium run 10 km, 7.5 km and short and an easy 5 km!! Start of trail will not be disclosed until jeepneys have arrived. On home: Premier Hotel Vendor Bender, Tingle Man & Au Per
1933 8/23/2015 Cuayan, go through Cuayan and follow dike to brgy Manuali. Go through underpass and follow marks. Click on run # for map. Jeepneys leave Premiere hotel at 15:00. Some hashers don't like A to A runs, so we have decided to do a B to B run just to please everyone. It will be all downhill. Trails available: 4km, 5km, 7km and 8km. On request we can also offer you a special: Mr. Bumsteers riverbed run!! No reservations are required for this special run. On home Premiere Hotel. Vendor Bender (and Mr. B. Steer)
1854 2/16/2014 Bgy Manuali, Porac. Corner of Friendship Avenue/Poinsettia Ave, at police station 5, turn West through Bgy Cuayan. Turn left at water tower and follow the dike. There will be calcimine marks closer to start. 6 km for walkers, with only small hills. 8.6 easy km for runners. If you have short legs or don't jump far, you might get wet feet. Little bit dusty in some parts. Runners! - Bring some candy for the kids in the small Aeta village you will be passing. On home Margarita Station Vendor Bender & Tingle Man
2069 Fools day run! 4/1/2018 Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue to field on "hill". 5.7 and 10 km trails. Wet feet on 10 km trail. If you can't jump you might get wet feet also on short trail. Please observe: No marks will be visible before Jeepneys have arrived. That must be some kind of magic? Mr Bum Steer & Co - don't waste your time by going out early. On home Premiere. Vendor Bender & Suso
2012 2/26/2017 Probably the best trail in the world! Cuayan, pass the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia avenue, follow the dike, after passing the Manuali barangay hall, turn right, down over river bed to field on right. Click on run number for map. Short trail 4.5km. Runners trail 8.5km. Almost no parts of trails on dusty roads. On home Premiere hotel. Nice CRs and you don't have to cook your food yourself. Vendor Bender & Suso